Friday, September 4, 2009

NoMi Wins Again! This Time At ACME Comedy Company Amatuer Night...

Photos By John Hoff

Fresh off Officer Mark Klukow's victory in the One Man Minneapolis "man pageant," the most rapidly-changing and revitalizing neighborhood in the Twin Cities has racked up another small victory: On Tuesday, September 1, a comedian from North Minneapolis won amatuer night at the ACME Comedy Company in North Loop...

Brandi (first name only, per her request) beat out four other contenders to win amatuer night. Some of Brandi's jokes included a funny bit about how even tornadoes avoid Interstate 35 and prefer to take a different route. Brandy's mother was in the audience while Brandi joked about being born by C-section because she couldn't be bothered to show up at her own vaginal birth. NOW THAT WAS FUNNY!!!

(Brandi's mother apparently didn't think so. Talk about PRESSURE for the young comedian!)

Brandi is pictured above with her friend Connie Nompelis (pronounced No-bell-iss, it's Greek). In the second picture, the "infamous $8 carafe" featured on the beverage menu, which can be filled up with an assortment of various drinks. The third picture shows Nompelis with one of the headliners for the night, whose routine about a Nazi-run wallpaper store ("Wallpaper NOW") was laugh-out-loud, screamingly funny.

ACME Comedy Company--whose name suggests the "funny in a box" moments in Loony Toons cartoons, like Wily Coyote or Yosemite Sam ordering nefarious "ACME" devices to attempt to kill or capture the Road Runner or Bugs Bunny--has a great selection of drinks which does wonders to make EVERYTHING funnier. (Of course, it's already pretty funny) I was quite focused in my bloggy exploration of the drink menu, so I can tell you the following with certainty:

# Featured drinks include the Bob Hope, (Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and orange juice) Three Stooges Punch, the Mae West and the John Daly.

# There are 11 white wines, ranging from $8.25 a glass, $28 a bottle (Chardonnay, BV Signet, California) to several at $5.25 a glass.

# Red wine--forgot how many--but ranges from $9.25 a glass, $34 a bottle for Zinfandel Edmeades to $5.25 a glass, $18 a bottle.

# There are 3 kinds of champagne, 9 tape beers, and 10 bottle beers. But the definition of "bottle beer" is broad enough to include Mike's Hard Lemonade and Hard Core Cider.

(Geez, never tried that last one...want to try that...)

# For some unknown reason, the menu has quite an emphasis on scotch. There are 12 kinds of scotch, including $12 Lagavulin.

ACME Comedy Club isn't very far from Local D'Lish, a great place to get organic and local products and it's run by a resident of Jordan, Ann Yin. A couple days ago a friend of mine used some organic catnip purchased at Local D'Lish to get her cats high while we were lit up from a night of partying at Donny Dirk'sombie Den. Yeah, more on that later.

But in summary: ACME Comedy Club is a good time. Go there.


Anonymous said...

We love ACME Comedy and have seen a lot of funny local folks. It is a great time!

Ranty said...

And I just learned that Brandi made the finals!!! Go NoMi!!!

Brandi said...

Hey, thanks for coming out to my show. It was a semi's round of the Funniest Person in the Twin Cities contest. I'll be in finals (top 5 of the whole summer) tonight. Also, it's Brandi with an I. But really, I appreciate the post. And my mom does like my comedy but I think she gets nervous seeing me perform. Actually, she might hate some of it...

Johnny Northside said...

I went back and corrected your name but, for the record, I asked one of our mutual friends for the spelling and that's what she texted me. We'll be there tonight to cheer you on.