Saturday, June 6, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Cam Gordon versus Farheen Hakeem...

Photo By John Hoff, January, 2009

I have a report of a minor dispute within the 5th District Green Party. A group led by Farheen Hakeem has circulated a petition, and is trying to "un-endorse" City Councilman Cam Gordon (Green Party) because, heaven forbid, Gordon endorsed Mayor Rybak, whose only competition is Al I-Am-The-Community Flowers. (Yes, the guy who came in third in a two man race) 

Hakeem is apparently... the Al Flowers camp, which is a very small camp, so certainly it's easy to play a lead role in a camp like that.

For the record, I am a member of the 5th District Green Party, and Farheem Hakeem is a constant source of embarrassment which keeps me from participating more fully in Green Party politics. Well, that and too much emphasis on social justice issues instead of environmental issues, which I see as the WHOLE FREAKING POINT of the Green Party, otherwise why should we exist? The Green Party should be more than a refuge for radical rejects from the DFL. 

There, I said it. It just came out. How long have I been holding THAT inside? For years.

Anyway, readers will remember Hakeem from the infamous "JACC press conference," showing up there with Al Flowers.

A meeting is taking place today at the "Hosmer Library" of Green Party members to deal with the move toward "un-endorsement." This is kind of happening at the last minute, it appears. Get the word out to any other Green Party members you know. I'll get the results reported when I know the results.


Anonymous said...

Politics are politics I guess. Apparently it was all fine and dandy for Farheen to seek and accpet Cam's endorsement/support for her State Representative bid in 61B. He's listed as such on her "green" website. Along with - cough, cough a former DFL State Senator....

However, it's now become politcally expedient for her to oppose his endorsement by the Green Party.

Anonymous said...

look at your twin brother in the background, with the abnormal growth on his ear.