Saturday, June 6, 2009

An Omen Of Things To Come For Ben Myers Of The JACC "Old Majority"

Stock photo, Christ crucified for the sins of Edward Barrientos

Word comes from an MPD press release as follows...

Edgar Barrientos was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of Jesse Mickelson who was killed Oct 11, 2008 in a yard on the 4100 block of 29th Avenue South. Barrientos has been sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. (All caps not in the original press release)

This is the Barrientos who was defended by Ben Myers, in the midst of the "True JACC" lawsuit about who should be leading the Jordan Area Community Council. The verdict is...

...a bit surprising. One might think given the relative youth of Barrientos, some mitigating factor might prevent him from spending the rest of his life in prison and, oh gee, wouldn't it be the job of the defense attorneys to bring that up? Yeah, right after Ben pays the gas bill, right? I'm torn between spitting out the truth versus giving good ideas to convicted murderer Barrientos, but I've already spit out the truth about Ben Myers all over the internet, so doing it one more time probably isn't going to hurt. 

Two words. Ineffective counsel.

Yeah, like that wouldn't ALREADY occur to Barrientos at this point in his life.

Obviously the trial of Barrientos was hugely important to both the families of the victim and defendant himself, who sat there so calmly, as though he had a chance in Hades with that jury. See my post about the jury composition, which was pretty much something between a PTA meeting and take-your-hot-college-age-daughter-to-work-in-the-suburbs-day. In other words, pretty much like ALL THE JURIES IN HENNEPIN COUNTY, so best to plea bargain.

Yes, the murder trial was important IN AND OF ITSELF. But, focusing on happenings in North Minneapolis, one can't help but see this verdict as merely an omen, a harbinger of just how bad things will go for the "Old Majority" in the court of Judge Porter, whether it's the "True JACC" lawsuit or the ill-advised defamation suit.

LIFE. WITHOUT PAROLE. Life as the "JACC Outcasts" who ruined their public reputation by hijacking a neighborhood association, and trying to fly it where the majority of the neighborhood didn't want to go: away from vital issues of crime, public safety, vacant and boarded buildings and, instead, to some kind of thug-hugging, budget looting "social justice" agenda which might be fine for a CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY, but isn't good enough for a neighborhood both desperately needing and strongly craving revitalization.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when this neighborhood was safe and idyllic. That is what we need to bring back, that time of safety and happiness. We do not need to "revitalize," for our neighborhood is already vital. We need to RECLAIM.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how he went about trying to proclaim his client's innocence.

I bet it was by trying to make any and all witnesses seem untrustworthy. Smear the people who speak up and maybe it'll help the murderer, right?

Margaret said...

Even if the jury were diverse, there wouldn't have been that much sympathy to outweigh the preponderance of evidence and the fact that the kid who died was an innocent bystander. I didn't follow this case at every stage but the sentencing was probably boxed in by the in benefit of a gang thing along with the murder one.

JNS Reader said...

OMG, do a Google image search for this combination of words:

"ben myers" attorney

This blog really does make my day...