Friday, June 5, 2009

Raising "Kilt Consciousness" In NoMi...

Talk To The Kilt

After the NoMi calendar photo shoot at North United Methodist, some of us went to the Victory 44 restaurant and bar, including the guy pictured here, Dan Adolphson.

Adolphson apparently believes kilts should be an accepted and common item of American men's fashion--he feels quite strongly and personally about this--and so he showed up at the NoMi photo shoot in this little black number. And I was all, like, "Nice skirt" and he was all, like, "It's a kilt."

Yeah, like a squid is a calamari, I thought to myself, but since I was busy stuffing my mouth with calamari, I didn't want to get into the argument.

But, hey, I gotta say, at least he's got the legs for it.

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David said...

It takes a real man to wear a kilt, for proof visit

Kind Regards,


kanoyes said...

Men should be proud to wear the occasional skirt. I am. The pleated fabric in picture, in my opinion, does make it a kilt.

Anonymous said...

I think all men would wear a kilt if they had any idea how many of us ladies really feel about it (think motorcycles, chicks dig scars, etc.) I believe your most manly friend is sporting a Utilikilt: a modern and quite hip interpretation of a formal and traditional tartan kilt.

Anonymous said...

I want to see Johnny in a Kilt!!!

Show us them legs Johnny!