Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Melissa Hill: My, What Nice Tomato Plants You Have! Now Stay The (Expletive) Out Of Ward 3 Politics...

God Bless The Fourth Precinct 

Playing the old "reluctant political candidate" tune like a rummage sale guitar with one string, St. Anthony East resident Melissa Hill recently started a Facebook group to talk about the fact that, oh, she's so reluctant to do so, but some friends are saying she should run against Diane Hofstede in Ward 3.

Here's what Hill has to say about herself on Facebook...


I'm Melissa Hill. I'm a current resident of NE Minneapolis (St. Anthony East) and previously lived for 3 years in the McKinley neighborhood in North Minneapolis so I've spent a good portion of 8 years in Ward 3. During this time, I've seen the city suffer under the mis-mangement of the current council and mayor.

In the past few months, I've had numerous people come up to me and ask me to run for Ward 3 City Council in Minneapolis. The current incumbent is very unresponsive and appears to be more worried about couches on porches than an out-of-control police department.

The problem is that I don't care much for politics so I'm a very reluctant candidate. However, I also see how badly run the city has been so I feel it may be worth giving up a summer to try to do something about it.

This group is open to anyone, even those not in Ward 3 or Minneapolis.

To which I respond: Oh, thank you Melissa (sarcasm font) for trying to save me from "out of control" cops. Indeed, as I walk amid the constant open air drug dealing at Hawthorn (sic) Crossings strip mall on West Broadway, or the squalor that accumulates at the edge of Merwin's Liquor on the "butt fence," I think to myself, "I hope some out of control cop doesn't jump out of a squad car and just start whapping me with his nightstick in an oh-so-nonconsensual way."

Melissa, you said like four lines of text about your campaign, but you had to take a shot at the police. That tells me all I need to know about you, plus the picture of you with a BULLHORN on Facebook. The fact you no longer live in McKinley where you can make a difference, but have moved to the paradise which is St. Anthony East tells me even more. (That's a shot at YOU, Melissa, not St. Anthony. What I wouldn't give for Hawthorne to be more like St. Anthony or even, for that matter, even Marcy-Holmes with its free range collegiate couches)

The criticisms you make of "the current incumbent" do strike a cord with me, however. I've found her unresponsive at times, too, and I thought the couch thing was petty and stupid. My biggest beef with the city, however, is that citizens can't look up properties by name of property owner on the search function of the City's property website, a flaw which left us in the Hawthorne Neighborhood SEVEN MONTHS BEHIND on dealing with a bad actor whose property featured crack and prostitution and yet "the current incumbent" sits right across from me at a meeting and she doesn't GET THAT.

But you, Melissa, have nothing to say about whores and drug dealers. No, you reserve your politically correct venom for the BRAVE COPS who are protecting us up here in the Fourth Precinct while you lounge around in St. Anthony East, cooing about your tomatoes, while they protect you in the dark and dead of night.

I may be a frequent critic of "the current incumbent" (to use your passive aggressive phrase) and lord knows I've been a harsh critic of police misconduct at other times, in other contexts, but I'll take the "current incumbent" any day if you're the other choice with your b.s. anti-police rhetoric.

As for your tomato plants...

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, Melissa. I've got your tomato RIGHT HERE!



Anonymous said...

Melissa Hill the porn actress?
Wow. I had no idea we were blessed with such a luminary in our midst.

Margaret said...

Melissa seems to be referring to something specific with the "out of control cops" comment. There have been some scandals, some lawsuits we all know about them. But those of us who live in the 4th precinct that they have very little to do with policing in our precinct, the quality of which has improved in the last couple of years.

Johnny Northside said...

To the first anonymous: WIth a moniker like "Johnny Northside," I'm not going to be launching a critique at Melissa Hill for some unfortunate "porn star name" coincidence.

But it makes you wonder about all this talk about her, um...tomatoes.

jim said...

Melissa seems to be referring to something specific with the "out of control cops" comment.Melissa is a member of CRASS (Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure) and was arrested at the convention.

It would be safe to assume that "something specific" would be the RNC convention. I'm inclined to agree with her that during that time, cops all over the metro were indeed out of control.

Thanks for the heads up John, I look forward to following her possible candidacy.

Johnny Northside said...

I saw that stuff close up, photographed it, videotaped it, slapped it here on the blog in days of coverage. Check out the stuff I put on my YouTube profile, JohnnyHoffa. I mean, geez, I got gassed twice and I'm a JOURNALIST, for god's sake.

There was out-of-control police behavior at RNC 2008. Yes. And the vast majority of it happened IN SAINT PAUL.

The police issues associated with RNC 2008 are a rather bad fit in a contest for the Third Ward city council seat. I don't care if Melissa Hill was standing right next to me when I got gassed and, for all I know, she could have been. I'll take Hofstede over Hill. I may hate myself in the morning, but only THAT morning, not every morning thereafter.

Paul Schatz said...

No taking shots at our cops over here in St Paul. That whole convention thing was a giant cluster-%$%$%. And I think it had more to do with a federally induced state of paranoia and over-training and indoctrination leading up to the convention. I find the cops in St Paul to be responsive and generally fair.

Anonymous said...

This chick is an idiot. Jobless since February, she's got her eye on the almost $80k a year that a city counsel position pays here. Fine, the anarchist still needs some green to buy her chai.

Why do I care?

Because this idiot and her friends put the most God-awful sniping piece of campaign lit on my door today. I read all that stuff. Line after line of loopy anti-establishment, anti-authority crapola.

She's a wanna-be hippie that grew up with no structure, nobody who told her, "that's not a good idea, honey." It's what happens when bad parents let their kid rot in a bad school system. -Two strikes, waiting for the last negative influence to make her a failure.

Sure, blame cops for the bad things in society. Yeah, "the most dangerous criminals are those in power," Melissa.

Here's what is going to happen. Eventually, this nation and this community will come to its senses, and realize that the anarchists, the flash protesters, and other sorts of progressives are all taking us down a road that leads to nothing but ruin, bitterness, unhappiness, fear, and pain. There will be a backlash, and it will snap us back, hard. Melissa and her friends are idiots, with nothing useful to say, no real plan, only whining. Most are fundamentally lazy, and those who aren't will leave the movement when they grow up.

Melissa, you idiot, there is no life after the anarchists take power. Life grinds to a halt, and bad people, really bad people, come to enslave us, kill us, and destroy everything. You want to see what the end result is? Go to Haiti, or Cuba, or any Third World slum. Be a community organizer there. I've been there. You, dearie, live in a paradise, and have all the opportunities in the world. But all you want to do is drag it down. If you had any sense, any real education, any level of self-criticism, you would understand that you don't know a damn thing, and that your ideas are a con.

But good luck with that whole campaign thing. You gap-mouthed idiot.

jim said...

Where exactly does Melisa Hill identify as an anarchist.

That angry little screed above actually makes me more interested in her campaign. If shes pissing off you, she's probably on the right track.

Anonymous said...

who is this stupid bitch ? she needs to get laid or something.