Tuesday, February 2, 2010

There's A Sidewalk Under There Somewhere...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

With so many empty houses in North Minneapolis, that leaves plenty of sidewalks NOT getting shoveled. Calling 311 on every sidewalk would be more than one human being can accomplish, unless you were getting PAID, somehow. I wouldn't mind getting paid for a job like that. Just saying.

So, yeah, the job is too big for one person but there are some sidewalks I make my special project. The one at 2610 Newton Ave. N. is particularly deserving, in my both-humble-and-subjective opinion. As far as I can tell, the sidewalks there haven't been scraped all winter.

So today I called it in (again) and got a really cool 311 reference number: 322322.

This was not as cool as the time I got 311311 as a reference number but, still, cool enough. And a day without 311 is like a day without sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

In my neighborhood if my neighbor hasn't shoveled and i'm out first I head over and clear it out.