Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Apple Blossoms Greet Would-Be Home Buyers In NoMi

Photo By John Hoff, from car window speeding past

This is the time of year in North Minneapolis when you really NOTICE trees you hadn't noticed before, as apple trees are filled with blossoms. This tree, pictured above, is located next to a house at the periphery of the Hawthorne Eco Village cluster, a house I've struggled--over and over--to keep secured.

I never even...

...noticed this tree before, as I'd called 311, called the owner of the lockbox on the exterior (the were clueless) and checked this place, over and over, to keep it secured.

A couple days ago I drove past and it was like...whoah. Look at those apple blossoms!

Some first-time home buyer who buys this house is going to love that tree, I thought.

And then I realized...well, if you wan to know which houses in NoMi have lovely blooming trees--if you want to SEE the trees in bloom, and not just speculate based upon your ability to recognize a blooming tree--now is the perfect time to go home shopping in NoMi.

And, yes, I did cut off some small branches of apple blossoms to place in a vase. I figure it's a small bit of payback for all the free volunteer work I do under the city's "adopt vacant houses" mandate. However, when I had my camera with me I was speeding past with a friend so...this photo isn't really up to my usual standard. It is taken on the fly, as we rush from one place to another, trying to revitalize our NoMi neighborhood with blood and sweat.

(It's a little known fact that I was named after Johnny Appleseed. True, my paternal grandfather is named "John," but for a number of complicated reasons...I was actually named after Johnny Appleseed)

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