Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Trial Denied For Larry "Maximum" Maxwell, Mortgage Fraudster...

Photo by John Hoff 

Word comes from a reliable source at the courthouse that Larry "Maximum" Maxwell's attorney, Larry Reed, went before Judge Chu yesterday morning to make a motion for a new trial. Maxwell was recently convicted of 18 different counts, all related to mortgage fraud activity.

The judge denied the motion, not even taking the matter "under advisement" to rule later. There were reportedly some 13 grounds for the appeal, all denied.

The word is Judge Chu said Larry Maxwell received "beyond a fair trial."

Despite the ruling by Judge Chu, many more trees are expected to die in vain in the course of an appeal.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know when "Maxi" gets sentenced???

Anonymous said...

he was already sentenced? wasn't he? didn't get the the MAX???

Johnny Northside said...

No, he got CONVICTED to the max: all 18 counts, aggravating factors on each one.

It is ASSUMED he will get the stiffest sentence for mortgage fraud in the State of Minnesota. Since co-conspirator Jerome Kingrussell got 108 months, suspended, clearly Maxwell will get MORE, and NOT suspended.

As for the precise day of the sentencing, I don't have that yet.