Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strolling Along Penn Avenue North, Ho Hum

Contributed Photo 

A friend of mine was testing her camera, I guess you could say, and snapped this picture of a woman strolling along Penn Ave. N. not far from where I once contemplated buying a house. (And, apparently, a jeweled red thong on the kitchen countertop would have gone along with the house but, I gotta wasn't my size)

Ho hum. Clearly, this is not THAT great a picture. I guess the photographer was kind of in a hurry, and in a moving car. Yeah, it's just an image of a woman walking the street....

But sometimes things get slow around here and I need to fill space somehow. So I'm filling it with this not-very-exciting photo.

Anybody who sympathizes with my need to fill blog space is free to send along pics, whatever those pics may be...tedious images of individuals talking at car windows, hanging out on corners, walking down the street, WHATEVER.

I will (yawn) be glad to toss that stuff on the internet. I'm all, like, WHATEVER.


Anonymous said...

What was that blog about??? Why are you feeling so Ho Hum???

Johnny Northside said...

Sometimes, it is better to be subtle. There are ways to HOOK the reader, and in that post...I decided to be subtle.