Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To NoMi Is To Love Me...Neighborhood Promotion Ideas Are Being Kicked Around!

Photos By John Hoff 

Some weeks ago, there was some brief, intense discussion among movers and shakers in the Hawthorne Neighborhood about promotional possibilities involving the old railroad bridge near Broadway Pizza.

I see this bridge as a de facto "gateway to NoMi" and I thought how it might be painted up with the phrase (very much in common currency right now) "Get To NoMi" or possibly "To NoMi Is To Love Me."

I'm told one of the "elder statesmen" in the neighborhood said various ideas had been kicking around for many years, ideas about painting something on the old railroad bridge. Well, I thought time to kick the ideas around a little harder. 

Geez, at the very least the bridge could be painted the original green color instead of left to rust.

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MikeT said...

"North Minneapolis; your gateway to Robbinsdale"
"Never get off the boat!"
"Don't laugh, at least we're not Detroit"
"Slow down below 40, and those rims are ours, Baby!"
"Free Jerry!"
"We put the 'up' in 'Corruption'!"
"SOMEBODY has to bring up the rear"
"We're #1! (don't ask what category. We need this. Really)"
"Don't lie, you only came because nobody told you Stand Up Franks was closed"
"Crack. Not just for breakfast any more"
"Hey, can you get high from this aerosol pai..."
"Wait... are you LOST?"
"Welcome to off off OFF Broadway"
"Speed up. This bridge was built by the same people that built the 35W bridge"

Oh oh oh! I know... we could have one of those signs that says "X number of days without gunfire!", With a way to change the "X" between 1 and 2...

I laugh because I care.

Anonymous said...

I vote for "Free Jerry!"

Anonymous said...

Where have I heard the phrase "Get To NoMi" before? (pause) Oh yeah! Right here in this blog!