Friday, May 15, 2009

Eviction Proceedings In Motion On The 4500 Block Of Upton Ave. N.

Contributed Photos

"Greetings from the Victory Neighborhood," says the subject line of an email conveying information about a troublesome situation on the 4500 Block of Upton Ave. N., and forwarding these three images, above.

According to my source--who didn't ask to be anonymous, but I'm using my discretion, here--there has been a lot of "action" at a housing complex in that area. Unseemly activity at all hours of the day reportedly "energized surrounding neighbors who kept calling city officials, housing people and police whenever suspicious activity warranted it."

"We didn't have to wait too long," says my source. "The city tells us they are being evicted June 5."

Looks like they're called the "Victory Neighborhood" for a reason!

The bottom photo shows a box fan in an upstairs JANUARY. You gotta wonder, what's up with THAT?

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