Monday, May 18, 2009

Strategic Retreat At 3020 6th St. N., Crackhouse/Whorehouse/Portal To Hell...

Photo By John Hoff

The no-account druggie crowd at 3020 6th St. N. was seen evacuating tonight, leaving of their own free will rather than waiting for police to show up. They loaded mattresses aboard a multi-colored truck, and drove away, but didn't get far...they ended up at 3007 3rd St. N.

3020 6th St. N. has been the one remaining piece of the Eco Village "cluster development" puzzle. Once this house is evacuated--not due to police action so much as foreclosure--all the other development plans were expected to fall into place. The presence of an actual CRACK HOUSE in the middle of the plan has been a constant fly in our ointment...but I'm told "Lord Of The Flies" is one name for the devil, and it has long been our opinion that The Devil owns this house.

One fear in the neighborhood--an entirely reasonable fear--is the crackheads associated with 3020 3rd St. N. will set up a new "headquarters" at 3007 3rd St. N.

Luckily, witnesses saw the whole thing and even took pictures for police and housing inspectors. We can truthfully tell public officials about seeing furniture pulled out of "3020" and trucked right over to "3007," even though "3007" is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OCCUPIED RIGHT NOW.

This looks like a job for "The Hawthorne Hawkman."

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Kevin said...

I'm sure you've seen this, but 3007 not only has no rental license, but it's listed as homesteaded to Haymon Evanner. Why do I know that name?? According to the Mpls Property Info website, it's been homesteaded to him since 1993. Does he really live there? If he doesn't, this needs to be reported to Hennepin County for tax purposes. If in fact this is a rental property, he should be paying a much higher tax bill. Hennepin County will do an investigation if they have the info.

Reuben said...
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Anonymous said...

Now this is "On Topic" - Landlord "Supreme" Evannor Haymon had a little brush with the law recently:

Case No. 62-CR-09-5148

1. Traffic Regulation - Driver Must Carry Proof of Insurance when Operating Vehicle;Misd 169.791.2 Misdemeanor 03/10/2009

It appears Mr. Haymon plead "Not Guilty" on 4/23/2008 but then on 5/18/2008 there was an "amended" plea of "Guilty" and was sentenced to the following:

1. Traffic Regulation - Driver Must Carry Proof of Insurance when Operating Vehicle;Misd
Local Confinement:
Agency: Ramsey County Correctional Facility
Term: 10 Days
Time To Serve: 0 Days
Stay 10 Days For 1 Yr
Status: Active 05/18/2009

Probation - Adult:
Type: Probation to the Court
Agency: Ramsey Co District Court St. Paul
Term of 1 Yr
05/18/2009 - 05/18/2010
Status: Active 05/18/2009

Fees - Adult: (Grand Total: $181.00)
Due 05/18/2009
Fine: $100.00
Fees: (Fees Total: $81.00)
Criminal Surcharge: $76.00
Law Library: $5.00

Condition - Adult:
1. No same or similar, 05/18/2009, Active 05/18/2009

It's anybody's guess where Mr. Haymon is currently residing... I wonder if he's at his "new" address??? I wonder if any of his "new roommates" that just moved in yesterday have valid driver's licenses!?!

Anonymous said...

Kevin: If you dig a little deeper you'll see that in the "City of Minneapoils Property Info" under the 'Truth in Sale of Housing' link there is an "Evaluation Reports" section that lists Buyer 'Evanner Haymon' purchasing ('Acceptance of Responsibility (AR) Signed') on 05/05/2009 from owner "Fannie Mae Rosie Baufield" - this is tied to a "Report 06/26/2008" link.

Basically I would guess that this property was a Foreclosure that Mr. Haymon snapped up within the last year. I would be very interested to know if all of the repairs listed in the report were completed before "sale occured."

I'm sure there are people who read this blog that can dig into these details with a greater degree of insight than I can.

(I wonder: does Jerry Moore think that Evanner Hayman's style of house investment/home management a good thing in his long-term vision for North Minneapolis?)

Kevin said...

Anonymous - You're right there sure is a whole lot of crap there. OK, this Mpls Property Info site is really confusing. I dug a bit deeper and looked at the Hennepin County Tax Info for this property and that has this property listed as non-homesteaded. I guess the tax thing is a non-issue, but there certainly are other issues.

Anonymous said...

According to City Mpls Water Utility Site ( who(m)ever owns "3007 N 3rd" in Minneapolis is over $475 past due on their water bill! The last payment noted, according to the site, was in October 2008. I presume that what when the property changed hands.

"If you don't pay your bills there are consequences." -anon

Anonymous said...

a "little birdie" whispered to me "today is vacate day" for 3020 6th St North!

you might want to grab your camera and go snap a few pics! though the only thing that may be on the property might be a paper notice telling the riff and the raff they cannot reside there any more.

have a great weekend!