Monday, May 18, 2009

"True JACC" Lawsuit Quickie Update

Stock Photo By John Hoff

Jerry Moore took the stand today in the dispute over which group is the "True JACC" leadership of the Jordan Neighborhood. Moore was questioned by Plaintiff Attorney Jill Clark, and then cross examination began by Defense Attorney David Schooler, who quickly caught Jerry Moore in some rather blatant contradictions.

The hearing ended at 4:30, so Moore is expected to be on the stand first thing Tuesday morning, starting at 9:30, Room 1853 of the Hennepin County Government Building, court room of The Honorable Judge Porter.

In addition, "New Majority" Board Member David Haddy testified, as well as "Old Majority" stalwart Dokor Dejvongsa, who is the, partner of Ben Myers. Yeah, that part for sure.

Present in the courtroom was Al Flowers--who didn't stay long, however, nor create any kind of loud and embarrassing incident--and Melony Michaels, wife of identity theft victim John Foster, whose identity was stolen to pull off a mortgage fraud deal at 1564 Hillside Ave. N., a deal in which $5k came from the seller's side (Keith Reitman) and ended up with Jerry Moore. Yeah, it was quite something to watch the looks being exchanged between Jerry and Melony.

Much was said by Moore about the alleged anti-black people, pro-gentrification agenda of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. 

Full details are, as they say, in the hopper. Have faith, and remember...bloggers gotta eat, too. Did I mention this blog having a PayPal button? Yeah, I think it's come up before.

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