Thursday, May 28, 2009

Musical Afternoon At Garden Of Gethsemane Church, Jordan Neighborhood...

Stock Photo By John Hoff

I was specially asked to publish the following info...

Please join us in Cottage Park this Saturday, May 30th from 1 to 5 PM for a musical afternoon with the congregation of the Garden of Gethsemane Church. They have invited several other choirs to join their own and make a joyful noise together. For those of you who haven't seen Jordan's beautiful, award-winning church, please join us for hotdogs and music in the park.

The folks from PCYC will be on hand with information for their summer youth program in Cottage Park. JACC will be having a book sale of cook books and garden books (might be a couple of mysteries in there, too). We will also be taking garden tool donations for Sister Jean's children's garden.

The weatherman says it is going to be a nice day, so come out and join your neighbors for a fun afternoon. Cottage Park is located just north of Broadway on James Ave. It can also be easily reached by going south on James from 26th St N.


James said...

a long time reader here,

I'm a reporter specializing in K-12 education issues in Minneapolis and St Paul. I frequently write for the TC Daily Planet, and blog at (although posting there has been fairly light recently). I'm writing a story on this Saturday's launch of the "Northside Achievement Zone", and I'd love to chat with you this afternoon/ evening, or some time tomorrow, about what you've heard about the NAZ, and which neighborhood leaders might be good to contact.

Drop me a line at !! In any case, I'd love to connect!

Many thanks,
James Sanna

James Sanna
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Anonymous said...

this is not a comment. i just wanted to let you know that the mad dads are having a memorial tomorrow for Annshalike Hamilton on w broadway in front of cub foods. They placed a bus bench there with her picture in her memory and will be holding the memorial tomorrow saturday the 30th between 3 and 4 pm. also the family will be accepting donations to raise a reward fund to try to help bring this case to justice. if you could post this for the community to see that would be great. thanks again JNS.