Thursday, May 21, 2009

Drama-O-Rama At Northside Marketing Task Force Remains "JNS Blog Classified"

Photo By John Hoff

So a while ago I made mention of "drama-o-rama" at the Northside Marketing Task Force and I said I'd have the details up later. However....well, here's what happened...

I had the details, fair and square, firsthand written accounts which included (oh yes) the phrase "disgruntled boy king." And I was planning to spill all that, lavishly, like champagne gets spilled on New Year's Eve. I had the information (as I say) "out in the open" and "fair and square."

HOWEVER!!! This blog is responsive to community leaders, especially the ones who are maybe, possibly, could be trying to figure out how the JNS blog might fit into some kind of official Northside Marketing plan. Regular readers know my philosophy about that: Market and Romanticize The Struggle. I already do it every day, virtually for free.

ANYHOW, when no less than FIVE community leaders are asking me to please NOT spill the sorry details, because "the blog story will be bigger than the incident itself," then what can I do? I depend on these same folks to keep feeding me info. I can't burn all of them over some minor he said/she said incident which, really, wasn't ALL THAT. (But still colorful and interesting enough that it deserves to be told at some point)

I take comfort in the fact I might find a way to spill it later, once matters are resolved. And I tell myself that I'm going to get stuff up on the blog EVEN FASTER, before I get the almost-frantic phone calls and emails pleading "Please just sit on it for now, Johnny Northside."

Whatever. Information WANTS to be free, to flow and eddy and swirl and carve rough rocks into jewels. Ya'll need to learn how to relax and let the truth hang out like gray chest hairs.

I'm very interested to learn when we'll all stop TALKING about marketing North Minneapolis and actually MARKET. In the meantime, I'll be writing about the $7,900 house of Connie Nompelis, the community garden on 6th St. N., the neighbor dropping off home-prepared foods in spontaneous acts of love, and so forth. Just let me know when somebody in charge gives the official go ahead and says it's time to start MARKETING.

Attitude. Sorry. But it's not my nature to sit on information. Now I'll have to go dig up something extra juicy just to achieve balance in The Force.

(Oh, in regard to the photo illustrating this post: goat cheese, 99 cents. Hand-sized wheels of brie, a buck ninety-nine. This amazing store doesn't do a lot to MARKET themselves, and it's a shame. This store at Emerson Ave. N. and Lowry Ave. N. is one of the "treasures of NoMi." Stop by, you will be pleased. Tell 'em Johnny Northside sent you) 


Anonymous said...

NMTF is DOA. Why don't the very few caring folks call it a day and join up with the real NOMI. Let Ketsner, Mooroe, Northway and whoever else is still limping around that dead fish, stay there and stink.

When you compare what NOMI has done with no funding to speak of to what NMTF HASN'T done with several thousands of wasted dollars, there's no contest. Give it up, folks. You will never regain any credibility after this.

Johnny Northside said...

I would like to think that if a certain blogger threw in with NMTF, and got paid for his efforts...that it might make a positive difference.

It's really the people that make up an organization that make the difference, not the history of the organization. Look how JACC has changed, for example! Be positive, have hope.

Anonymous said...

JACC has been around for 45 years and it's only been the last 2 to 3 that have been tainted. NMTF hasn't been around for 2 years and already is in the crapper.