Thursday, May 28, 2009

Officer Mark Klukow In "Man Pageant"

Photo By Megan Goodmundson

Among the NoMi movers and shakers, there is an intense group of, er, PEOPLE who are fans of Officer Mark Klukow, a rising young star in the MPD. Up in NoMi, since DECENT PEOPLE depend so heavily on cops to sweep up thugs, there tends to be groups of, er, PEOPLE (women, cough cough) who have sort of a (how to put it?) COP THING.

And Officer Mark Klukow is pretty much the embodiment of that NoMi social trend.

Yes, Klukow is married, but so is Brad Pitt. And you're still allowed to be a fan of Brad Pitt, right?

Maybe Brad Pitt is a bad example, though, because most of the heavy-duty Klukow fans I know prefer Klukow to Pitt, hands down.

Klukow (on the left) has been known to go door-knocking just to meet people in the neighborhoods, and get to know his territory better. He's very dedicated.

Anyway, I pretty much got CONVINCED that I need to promote Officer Mark Klukow in this, er, Man Pageant Thing.

So here are some links. First, to become Klukow's Facebook fan, go here. (You will need a Facebook profile)

To vote for Klukow, go here.

Apparently, while this contest is going on, votes can be cast daily.

(Do not click "Read More")


Jordan Neighbor said...

Officer Klukow is also a board member on the PEACE Foundation - a wonderful community organization.

I think most of his street cop life was up there by you John - around Wafana's - 4th/22 - there is something about him and other cops doing a lemonade stand to get to know the neighbors and the kids up that way.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago Mark Klukow and several of his fellow officers decided to volunteer their time to get to know the neighborhood well. On their days off they would walk around the neighborhood and introduce themselves to the neighbors..they took the time to get to know us. I can't tell you how impressed I was at this gesture. The years they were doing this were some of the worst I have experienced in NoMi. This small gesture on their behalf gave me the confidence that the police really did care about NoMi and the people that live here. Yes the man pageant may be a bit hokey but Mark Klukow and the MPD are extraordinary. We are lucky to have him/them. Oh...and I voted for him and will do so everyday too!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

John cut his hair AND wore something other than an old, worn out T-Shirt???
What is this world coming to?

Anonymous said...

Nice pic, Johnny.

Anonymous said...

To vote for One Man Minneapolis, you should go here:

Go Klokow!