Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jug Liquor Is Going Right In The Dumpster, It Appears...

Photo By John Hoff

In the last couple days, large construction dumpsters have been placed near the former Jug Liquor Store. I assume the entire store is going RIGHT IN THE DUMPSTER.

Gee, I sure hope somebody salvages the sign. It would look great on a garage wall or something.

Dibs. Dibs if it's in the dumpster.

This is yet another example of NoMi changing for the better, and yet I have yet to notice any sea change in public perception. My non-NoMi friends still talk about North Minneapolis like they're talking about AFGHANISTAN in terms of supposed physical danger. And yet tonight I rode my bike all over the place, I walked around...nothing bad happened.

And that's really true MOST nights. Things are already pretty good, but things are getting better and the end of this sad little liquor store is one of those moments of betterment.

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Anonymous said...

I love JUGS.

Anonymous said...

I say knock down all the buildings on that intersection and replace them with places that would actually attract people, not just people looking to get booze and see stripers.

Geeze, I wonder why people don't like driving down Broadway when that is the first thing they see?

Anonymous said...

The guy who owns the Slice Of Chicago at 1600 Broadway is trying to open another takeout place in the old Jug. He has applied for licenses but is getting a little puch back from the city (Not enough as far as I am concerned). Just what Broadway needs...another place to get chicken wings and crappy fried food.

Plus, the Slice is just a hangout for dope dealers and thugs unless the off duty cop is standing there. The Jug will soon be the same I fear.

Anonymous said...

Wow - another chicken wing joint - just what we need.

I also heard there is a guy trying to open "montana's wings -n- thangs" on broadway, just east of Penn - in the Mon Wok space.

They can be the 2 bookends to Broadway.

Anonymous said...

We need a rib joint! How can it be we don't have any place to get good ribs on the whole North Side? It defies logic.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean there is no place to get good ribs on the Northside? How about Brickhouse BBQ at 4330 Lyndale Avenue North?

I've had many of their offerings and they are very good (even if you have to pay for them yourself.)


Anonymous said...

Ribs: pair o dice has yummy rib tips. very saucy and meaty. just the way i like it.