Monday, May 11, 2009

The Polish Lady Shows Her Faith in North Minneapolis

Photo By John Hoff 

Today, me and some of my NoMi friends went to look at a house which might be a good deal...or it might not. There was a lot of "just looking" going on. We who live in the neighborhood know better than anybody that the North Minneapolis housing market seems to have "bottomed out," and now is the time to buy, buy, buy.

We invited "The Polish Lady" to come along on this house-looking foray. The Polish Lady is the long-time resident of the Hawthorne Eco Village whose amazing garden and gritty determination to stay in the neighborhood often rates a mention on my blog...

The house was in a "pre trash out" state of being, (rather cluttered, to say the least) and the person showing the house had power of attorney and the ability to say, "Oh, sure, you can have's going to be thrown out anyway."

The Polish Lady saw a statue of a saint and wanted to rescue it, rather than risk the possibility the statue would be destroyed in the course of the house being trashed out. Here, she tenderly holds the saint in her hands for a moment. However, she decided to leave the statue behind because it had already been broken and repaired.

It is bad luck, she explained, if the statue is broken. So there was no sense taking it along.

Me, I guess I actually prefer a broken saint over one that is perfect.

But, like I often say, I attend "The Church Of The Dead Bolt Lock."

However, for the record...I have no idea what to make of that "glowing cone" which seems to be in the picture. The small, squarish object in the Polish Lady's hand is a light switch with a Christian message.


Margaret said...

I would have taken it, broken or not too. It's Saint Anthony of Padua, beloved saint of the Italians and patron saint for finding lost items! Everybody needs a St. Tony in their house, even if he's a little banged up!

JNS Reader said...

I'm guessing that's a miracle brought about by the holy camera strap.

Johnny Northside said...

I'm sure there's a rational explanation for it.

I'm 90 percent sure of that.

pam said...

Maybe It's Uncle Jack. Do you think he is telling me to buy the house?