Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jennifer The House Flipper Works Her Magic At 3114 Knox Ave. N.

Contributed Photos By Either Jennifer Olstad Or Jeanie Hoholik

Somebody loan this woman a million dollars on easy terms!

I say Jennifer The Flipper needs to stop transforming one HOUSE at a time, and buy up ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS to renovate and revitalize. If only North Minneapolis (NoMi) could somehow multiply Jennifer's work exponentially, this one-woman force of revitalization could usher in a golden era of urban utopia VIRTUALLY ALL BY HERSELF...

Jennifer's latest creation is 3114 Knox Ave. N., pictured above in a "before and after" fashion. Here's some of the things Jennifer wrote about the challenges of transforming this property:

# On the front of the house, what you can't see is the porch was pulled away about three inches from the rest of the house. Now, it's gone.

# On the back of the house, the "balcony" is actually at the top of the stair landing. Nice place for a balcony. Now it's a window, not a door.

# In the living room, there was a closet strangely placed in the middle of the room. I got rid of the closet and added a 1/2 bath at the main level.

# I had to completely gut the kitchen. There was wallpaper on top of paneling on top of wallpaper. It was bad.

# In the upstairs bedroom, apparently somebody thought it was a good idea to let their kid finger paint on top of wallpaper.

# In the upstairs bathroom, there was so much rotted wood we had to replace EVERYTHING.

# We found some newspapers from 1929 at this property. There were some advertisements like dresses for 10 cents.

Johnny Northside says: Oh, the more things change, the more they stay the same, my dear. I bet it's still possible to buy a dress made in 1929 for a mere ten cents.

If anybody is interested in this house, best to contact Jennifer Olstad's Realtor, Jeanie Hoholik, click here for a link to Jeanie's blog.

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Jordan Neighbor said...

jennifer - nice pics - looks really nice! thanks for all you do to make our neighborhood more attractive.