Friday, May 15, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: "Mr. Kingrussell has had more legal charges against him than he is old..." says wife of identity theft victim.

Classic image, Sword of Democles

Melony Michaels, the spitfire force-of-personality whose amateur investigation ripped the lid off one of the biggest mortgage fraud cases in the history of Minnesota (if not THE biggest) was in court yesterday to make sure the little fish as well as the big fish got their due, preferably being gutted, filleted, and fried up in the legal equivalent of beer batter...

I am in possession of two letters submitted to the court, describing the impact of Jerome Kingrussell's crimes, and outlining his criminal history which numbers more charges than years of age. And it's not like Kingrussell is so very young, but who knows? This scumbag has more than one reported birthday.

Here is a link which will take you to the two documents, which can be downloaded, perused at your leisure, perhaps autographed by Melony Michaels if you should happen to run into her in court, click here.

Though I'm reading between the lines until I get some kind of firsthand confirmation, I think it's accurate for me to say Melony Michaels is not happy with Jerome Kingrussell getting a suspended sentence. However, I get the feeling all the punishment is just building up like water behind a dike of sandbags, and where is that "water" going to end up?

All around and six feet over Larry "Maximum" Maxwell, that's where.

It must be hard for a victim of identity theft to endure the sight of Jerome "Imposter Foster" Kingrussell walking around a free man, possibly filling up a canteen in some public park, and defacating in an outdoor lavatory which smells like the monkey house at the zoo. But a free man, none the less, with a 108-month suspended sentence hanging over his head like the Sword of Democles.

These are the times when, if you believe in stuff like fate/destiny/angels/cosmic justice, you must let go and have faith. One need not strive so high in the sky as to have faith in GOD. This is the time to have faith in the prosecutor, Brad Johnson, and the lawful authority of the state of Minnesota, which must make hard choices about trading smelly chum for trophy fish.

All the same, it is best to for certain information to be published and available: the specifics of what a bad actor Kingrussell is, and how often he has wormed out of punishment, and how deeply Kingrussell's crimes impacted Melony Michaels and her husband.

Sue him, I say. Sue him for his car, canteen, and backpack. Prison is destined to be this man's home--absent some kind of dramatic religious conversion--so let the inevitable process be sped along. NO MERCY FOR MORTGAGE FRAUDSTERS!!!!

Then again, Kingrussell's suspended sentence shows one thing: now is the time for mortgage fraudsters to confess, to desperately work out deals, in hopes there will be slack.

Tynessia Snoddy? Rahmeen Underwood? Do you hear that "knock knock" sound on your CRANIUM? That is the prophetic voice you need to hear right now, before it is too late to cut a deal with the prosecutor.

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