Friday, May 22, 2009

"True JACC" Lawsuit Finale Expected Today: Ben Myers, Kip Browne To Take The Stand

Public Figure Ben Myers At A Public Meeting

It is expected (and fervently hoped) today will be the final day of testimony in the "True JACC" lawsuit over which faction of board members is the legitimate assembly of executive officers leading the Jordan Area Community Council.

"Old Majority" leader Ben Myers (attorney, public figure, master mixer of deadly cult Kool Aid) is expected to take the stand early in the morning. "New Majority" leader Kip Browne (attorney and, it appears, also a public figure, not overly fond of poison Kool Aid, more of a green tea ginger ale guy) will be on the stand in the afternoon, if all goes as planned.

This blogger is not aware of any rebuttal witnesses, though I'm not privy to the strategy of either side. However, it was my perception Defense Attorney David Schooler was incensed over Jerry Moore's repeated denials that he knew anything at all about a deal involving J.L. Moore consulting (his consulting entity) and 1564 HIllside Ave. N. even when presented with a copy of the check for $5,000 and an invoice from J.L. Consulting for "windows."

If there are to be any surprises in this case--which already has more twists and turns than a stolen vehicle barreling through the streets of North Minneapolis--expect it to come in the form of a rebuttal witness. I would not bet money this thing will wrap up today and, geez, Monday is a holiday.

(Do not click "More," And Don't Hire Moore To Run Your Organization, Neither)


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