Thursday, May 28, 2009

Party In NoMi To Help People In India...

Photo By John Hoff

Several days ago I was at a fundraiser in NoMi held to raise money for impoverished people in India. I showed up because some of my friends were going, and once I was there--well, it started with me unwrapping a tray of cookies, and then one thing led to another--and I ended up pouring beverages, collecting money, running to Micky's Liquor to buy cups. The Jordan Neighborhood "super volunteer" Megan Goodmundson worked even harder, and Hawthorne's Housing Director Jeff Skrenes put in some time, too. We just gravitated to the work needing to be done, like we always do.

The highlight of the evening was a "butterfly release" by a child dressed like "The Cat In The Hat." I remember one great line from the party organizer: India makes North Minneapolis look like Minnetonka.

Admittedly, part of me was thinking, "Why would I want to take energy and funds from North Minneapolis and give it to INDIA or, for that matter, ANYWHERE?"

However, as is so often the case with NoMi social events, much networking and politicking was accomplished. I met Officer Mark Klukow and...

...exchanged viewpoints with him. He asked me how things were going in the Fourth Precinct, and I told him fine, great, the only complaint I might have is the police don't always realize who the neighborhood association people are who've been trying so hard to change things. Klukow mentioned how one of the problems involves trying to distinguish the true movers and shakers from "posers" who inhabit the neighborhood.

"Jerry Moore," I muttered. "Say no more."

Ultimately, the organizers were just trying to get five dollar donations and they threw a great party where a lot of useful social networking took place. I came away thinking there was no harm and much good in caring about India--a place where our North Minneapolis problems pale by comparison.

In the meantime, let me add this: Micky's liquor (just down the block from this party) sells single cigarillos and five cent cups. Micky's Liquor should be embarrassed, just like Merwin's Liquor should be embarrassed over their "butt fence" where chronic inebriates hang out.

However, I have yet to find anything to complain about at Broadway Liquor Outlet.


Brian said...

Hey Johnny Northsider,
That's so funny that you made your way to the "Cat in the Hat Meets India in North Minneapolis...Anything's Possible!" launch party for! I had wanted to extend a special invite to you, but ran out of time. The whole event came together in just about 10 days and with 100+ people descending on Jane House gardens so quickly, we really appreciate those who jumped in to help. The evening was insane and wonderful...even magical. Thanks for helping out Megan at the bar. We had a ton of cups that were across the garden at the Mango shake bar. Sorry you had to go to Mickey's, but totally appreciate your taking action. It most definitely was a community event and makes for a great story! This is the REAL North Minneapolis. For folks who want to learn what the party was about...check out: and click on "Anything's Possible!". We are just now in the process of developing this site (with programmer friends in India) which will also be about creating a happier North Minneapolis, too. It's still in the initial stages of design and development. Please check it out and let us know what you think! It's exciting to think this global initiative came out of North Minneapolis. Check it out! Namaste, Brian Mogren

Megan G. said...

Hey Bri - you're party was so fun and well attended that the tons of cups at the mango bar were used up too - mango folks were coming to the wine bar for more cups - so we made an exec decision to keep the fun times flowing!

It was wonderful and I can't wait for the future events at Lafayette Place garden's in August.

Keep the JNS readers posted!