Friday, May 22, 2009

"Stay Of Execution" For 422 30th Ave. N.?

Photo By John Hoff

Some days ago, Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrenes and Realtor, historical preservationist, and all around social butterfly Connie Nompelis (No-buhl-iss, it's Greek) took at look at 422 30th Ave. N. The property in question--a historic brick house, possibly from the 1880s--could get demolished as part of development, but lately there has been some minor (albeit energetic) movement of neighborhood activists to save the structure, which appears to be not as messed up as previously thought.

The guy on the right is...

...a visionary would-be home buyer, who was just kind of checking things out that day with Connie, Jeff and I. He has looked into the various NoMi neighborhoods with their buffet of real estate bargains, and he's decided some neighborhoods are really turning around, really have a lot of action happening toward revitalization, and he wants to be a part of these things. Meeting this guy, getting to know him, eating pastry with him, walking around in an unkempt lawn with him, and other HIGHLY classified details all started out with a post to the comments section of this blog.

The topic of discussion this particular day...can 422 30th Ave. N. be saved, or are we doomed to see another historic house meet the jagged, toothy scoop of the Backhoe Of Doom? Fortunately, the latest word is there will be no "domicide" of 422 30th Ave. N. in the near future, but its ultimate fate still remains uncertain.


Kevin said...

I'm happy to hear this. That's a really cute, little house. Love brick. Just love it!

Someday you'll have to hear how the large Queen Anne across from the park on Lyndale (the green one) was saved from the backhoes of doom. The city was hell-bent on tearing that one down too, but look at it now.

Ranty said...


I want to hear that story!!!