Thursday, May 28, 2009


Knowing my unrelenting dislike of unwanted phone book dumping in North Minneapolis, Jordan neighborhood "super volunteer" Megan Goodmundson forwarded a website address for a petition to stop phone book dumping. Check out

(Super blogger Ed Kohler of The Deets prefers the term "phone book spam.")

In the photos above, top to bottom, a phone book in the yard of the "Hawthorne Princess" owned by Realtor Connie Nompelis. (No-buhl-iss, it's Greek) This one is trying hard to become a tree again through oneness with the earth. Second, a "phone book flower" which somebody delivered to the front door of the office of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Association.

(Don't look at me, when would I find the time for THAT?)

Last, phone books heading from front steps to curbside recycling, without ever being removed from their bags.

HEY YELLOW PAGES AND DEX: Have you heard of amazing new plastic bags made from corn starch polymer? Breaks down in water and sunlight? (Click here) It's the least you could do while (expletive)ing up Mother Earth, you mother(expletives)!!!!!!!!

(Do not click "Read More," of course if you did it's not like any trees would be wasted)
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Ranty said...

Actually, that is the mysterious phonebook flower which was delivered to the back door of the Healy House some months back now, and which I carried around in my trunk for weeks intending to give to you on camera when we were to meet at the Hawthorne office with Gabe and Jeff.

Alas, you stood us up as I recall, and I didn't feel like schlepping it around anymore, so I left it.

Johnny Northside said...

Mystery solved. I should have known flowers mysteriously left somewhere were from Connie...

Anonymous said...

or rather FOR Connie... (considering it was originially left at Healy house)

Anonymous said...

I signed up on that site a few months ago and I am still getting phone books. Not as many but I still did. I email dexknows and of course I didn't receive an answer.
MCullen NE