Friday, May 29, 2009

Trouble Hasn't Left 3020 6th Street North, Yet...

Photo By Jeff Skrenes

A citizen of NoMi who used to almost hide in her house, but now has the confidence to go around PATROLLING and calling in trouble, gave me some information a few minutes ago about 3020 6th St. N...

The house is boarded, but the front porch is NOT. And now what looks to be attempts to pull off drug dealing has been witnessed from this primo porch location.

When it comes to 3020 6th St. N., it's like a McDonalds. Months, years after a McDonalds closes, people hungry for burgers are going to be driving into the parking lot, saying, "Gee, didn't there used to be a restaurant here?" So it is with 3020 6th St. N. It's a primo location, and even boarded up, it's STILL a primo location. Especially with the porch accessible like that.

Minutes ago, an individual fitting the description of "The Sentry" (notoriously in the middle of everything at 3020) was seen leaving the porch area, and walking up to another boarded building at 407 30th Ave. N.

One citizen has apparently already called 311. I'll be emailing 311 when my STUPID U OF M EMAIL ACCOUNT WORKS AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

What are they going to do give you a reference number?

Call 911 and narrate events.
Call them again and again and again every time you see anything that looks remotely suspicious (e.g. anybody near this house)--- Call 911 Call 911 Call 911.
Send emails to the Sector Lt. at the 4th, the Watch Commander, the Inspector, your CPPS officer, Dolan, Samuels, RT, your State Rep, State Senator, and just for the hell of it our loser Governor---- create a distribution list that contains all these people AND all the other City Council Members. Send an email to EVERYONE on this list EVERY TIME you see ANY ACTIVITY at this address and don't stop until you have complete satisfaction.

If you want the porch boarded send an email to everyone I've listed above and to

Tell them all exactly what is happening and ask that the porch be boarded.

If you don't get a response in a timely fashion, Send them all another email, and another and another... until what needs to happen happens.

Use the same process for rental property, but include the landlord every single time, assuming you can locate an address. If you can't, then get a phone number, Call the landlord at 10:00pm or later, and read the email you sent over the phone. If the landlord's tenants wake you up in the middle of the night, call 911 and then call the landlord and wake him/her up.

Johnny Northside said...

Yes, well, that blog post was written up SO FAST that while I was writing it, the citizen who gave me the original info got transferred from 311 to 911.

But if it takes the police 20 minutes to show up, well, how shall I put it? A drug deal doesn't take 20 minutes. Plenty of times we call in, then call back to say the original guy has left but guess what? There's another deal going down right there, and here's the new description.

I have to wonder why the city doesn't put in some MOBILE observation cameras. Rumor is such cameras were around during RNC 2008.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion: Photography. They're on a porch of a property that is not theirs. The "Sentry" does not hold the warranty deed for this property. If they are drawing people onto this property then let's get their snapshots to the proper authorities!!!

Anonymous said...

What about a webcam pointed at that property??? That would be fun... play an online game of "Spot The Sentry." If anyone is stupid enough to make deals out in the open on a boarded property that they don't own (trespassing) then they are fair game...

Plus: What's the former owner's story? I'm sure that an in-depth profile would make interesting copy...