Sunday, May 17, 2009

"True JACC" Lawsuit In The Jordan Neighborhood: Never A Moment's Rest For The "New Majority" Fiduciaries... Photo

I witnessed an interesting scene in the hallway outside Judge Porter's court the other day, which I only avoided blogging about because, well, the mere mention of "IRS 990 Form" is likely to make some readers lose consciousness, and I'm trying SO HARD to entertain readers now that I have the new site meter and PayPal button.

It turns out another thing the "Old Majority" leadership failed to do in the Jordan Neighborhood (like there wasn't enough stuff, already) was to take care of IRS Form 990 which is, like, really important...

Word now comes that the form has been filed at the last minute. In fact, I had knowledge of a "New Majority" member making phone calls out in the hallway during a few days court, making sure the 990 got filed. I witnessed an interesting scene as Plaintiff Attorney Jill Clark walked by...and the phone conversation went silent because, obviously, the defendants are NOT going to spill any important, substantive info in front of Jill Clark...whose self-important, sweeping walk is oddly reminiscent of Darth Vader.

However, now I see from the Jordan Livability blog (click here for a link) the all-important 990 form did indded get filed. In fact, a recent blog post shows a "laundry list" of stuff happening under a functioning, mostly-cohesive JACC board.

It should be noted this is NOT a rubber stamp board, even if they might all be characterized as the "New Majority" JACC faction. They have some very wide-ranging discussions, and the votes are not always unanimous.

When not busy fighting the retrograde hold-out "Kool Aid Cult" Old Majority faction in court, the "New Majority" is getting a lot of stuff done. But, yeah, tomorrow (Monday) it will be back to court. There are rumors of new, highly-interested parties being in the court room (1853, Judge Porter) to watch the anticipated testimony of former JACC Executive Director Jerry Moore.

Enough said for now.


Anonymous said...

Of course there are decenting view points. The votes SHOULD NOT always be unanamous. If all 15 board members were supposed to think as one then the board would only need ONE board member. This is something that Ben and Jerry (and let's not let Brian Smith off the hook) failed to understand. Fortunately, this board gets it.

Johnny Northside said...

"Dissenting" votes.


Brian Smith? I don't even know this name. Who was he? What did he do?

Anonymous said...

Brian Smith was actually the precursor of things to come with Ben & Jerry.

I remember in the fall of 2005 a group of Jordan residents met at my house to discuss the neighborhood in general and JACC specifically. Brian was present.

The discussion centered around livability issues for the most part and how to put forth plans to make the neighborhood cleaner, safer and in general more livable.

I remember distinctly as the get together was ending that Brian came up to me and told me that I was basically an ignorant "white man" and didn't understand anything about the northside. He went on to inform me that he however, had assisted in turning around other neighborhoods and was speaking from experience.

I may be mistaken. However, I believe he was the Executive Board Chair during the period of time that Mr. Moore was brought onboard as the E.D. and was instrumental in executing the hiring contract via a mutal acquaintance - Mr. Myers.

Needless to say, the relationship never grew into a mutual respect scenario.

dennis plante

Anonymous said...

The "proof" is in the "pudding" as my great-Aunt would always say: It's nice to the the "New" JACC listing lots and lots of things it has accomplished in 4 short months.

I wonder what Jerry Moore's "Old" JACC has accomplished (outside of the lawsuits) since that clock started ticking. If you asked anyone associated with that 'group' I bet they would be hardpressed to come up with anything specific.