Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby Avery's Mommies' House On Beautiful Jordan Pond, In NoMi....

Photos By John Hoff

Baby Avery is the daughter of Jacqui and Alexis, and is surely one of the most fortunate babies in the world, because she has the love of TWO mommies. To have the pure, gentle love of ONE mother is to have the love of a goddess, so imagine having TWO mothers.

The mommies live on the Jordan Pond, where they snapped up a bargain on a house and then poured in very large amount of money to renovate the home....

Some of the renovation included replacing 35 windows approximately, and redoing the fireplace in slate. The old fireplace is still there, reportedly, beneath the modern slate. A piece of art created by one of the mommies hangs over the is very feminine and kind of reminds me of bubbles.

The home could be featured, quite easily, in one of those "beautiful house" magazines ...everything is perfect, comfortable, lush...and then in the midst of this perfection is even MORE perfection: Baby Avery's toys, Baby Avery's stuff and supplies, pictures of Baby Avery, and Baby Avery Herself toddling in the middle of the beautiful house.

All is not peaceful or perfect for the mommies, however. They are part of the "Pro City" movement fighting to turn the area around, and bad stuff has happened in the past. There was the time a guy running from the police leaped into their fenced yard, while one of the mommies stood there, child in her arms, feeling rage and terror. Fortunately, she had their Great Dane guard dog with her at the time, an enormous canine with baleful eyes that seem to say, "Am I going to have to get into it with you, or can you just figure out how large I am?" 

Recently, there has been quite a bit of prostitution in the neighborhood.

However, officials like Council Member Don Samuels are working to make the area better, and there are small improvements almost daily. By the time Baby Avery is a teenager, she may very well live in urban utopia, thanks to the hard work of many people in the neighborhood, including her two mommies.

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