Friday, May 29, 2009

More Trouble At 2207 6th Street North...

Contributed Stock Photo, 2207 6th St. N.
I received this firsthand account on Friday, May 22, but I was (as I say around here) "backblogged."

It appears there was yet another arrest associated with the house-from-hell at 2207 Sixth Street North, the bane of the block...

Here is a firsthand account from "Restrepia Geek."

(I received word) the cops were after someone across the street from my house. There were a couple of squads, several officers and a dog looking through the yards on the other side of the street. By the time I got to the window, an officer was stuffing a kid in his squad.

About the same time, "grandma" from 2207 came walking down the street and strated talking to a couple of the officers. As it turns out, it looks like the kid they were stuffing in the car was that freaking son of hers--the one recently on probation from the raid at 2207 some time ago.

The police also found his bag of drugs somewhere in the alley between 6th and Lyndale. Good work police dog!

We think this whole thing started somewhere on Lyndale Ave. N. since none of us had called 911.

From another source, it is said this kid goes by the name "Tez" or his street name "Little Blood."

The weekend is off to a good start if we don't get windows broken in retaliation.

(JNS says: for the record, I didn't get reports of broken windows last weekend. But it is Friday, and THIS weekend is still young)

Readers, please keep forwarding these firsthand accounts.


Anonymous said...

Gosh oh gee, when are them little darlin's gona learn, Grandma, Mom and Auntie?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this report from the 4th precinct is about the above incident:

"9. As Officers were traveling WB on Broadway @ Lyndale Ave. No. Officers observed male who we have sought for several months. He is currently residing at 56XX 34th Ave. So. Mpls.,and his mother and others at the home perpetually meet Officers professional efforts with foul hostility. Parents and other family members facilitate fugitive status. He has an active PROBATION VIOLATION WARRANT and BENCH WARRANT FOR LOITER NARC. His brother and their friend of 22XX 6th St. No. were also present. He is on file in MPD juvenile history # 26140 with prior MPD citations petitions for: LOITER NARC, POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, RUNAWAY, NARCOTICS, THEFT, CURFEW X3, ASLT 5 X2, THEFT, AND BURGLARY. They have been active criminals in the 4th PCT/are now in 3’s but they attend school at Fremont/Broadway. He was transported to JDC in dismay at his lack of anonymity in public/JCAT is present."