Wednesday, March 3, 2010

JN-SPAN VIDEO: Senator Linda Higgins, Challenger Raymond Dehn Debate On Slummy Landlords...

Video and blog post by John Hoff

Johnny Northside blog--your number one source of Northside news--has provided not only the best coverage of the State Senate District 58 convention--but, actually, apparently it's the ONLY media coverage. (Readers, please comment and leave links if you can find other media coverage of the events at this convention) When DFL staff were sitting at the forlorn, lonely press credentials table, waiting to issue credentials, who were they waiting for? Apparently, just Johnny Northside Dot Com.

More exclusive JN-SPAN video is in the hopper--including an elevator speech by one candidate for governor--but in the meantime here is part of the debate between State Senator Linda Higgins and her challenger, Raymond Dehn. Higgins took the endorsement on the first ballot by 68 to 31 percent.

In this short video segment, Higgins and Dehn debate what I feel is one of the most important and pressing concerns in State Senate District 58: scummy slumlords, many or MOST of which don't actually live in District 58.

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