Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Level Three Sex Offender Down, A Couple Dozen To Go...

Department of Corrections Images, both of Tupac, blog post by John Hoff

Yesterday, Level Three sex offender (L3S0) Tupac Toshiq Makavelli appeared on a list of L3SOs in the 55411 zip code. Today, he has disappeared off the list...

Rumor has it--rumor which not only has it but made its way all the way to me--is Tupac is back in MNDOC custody. Tupac had something of a history of wandering around loose and unregistered, even as recently as December 2008. Well, I don't care why he's gone from North Minneapolis, I'm just glad he is, but if I find out which slumlord put him up on the 2400 Block of Logan Ave. N., I'd be very glad to spill that info. In fact, all slumlords in North Minneapolis should take notice: this blog has a right to publish information about who is happily, profitably hosting the dangerous Level Three sex offenders in our community--stacking in dangerous concentrations, though the law appears to say otherwise--and if you are involved in doing that, expect your name, home address, and other pertinent details to appear right here on this blog kind of like what happened for Cheryl A. McCluskey of 7957 McKinley Street NE, Spring Lake Park, MN, 55432.

Readers might wonder what Tupac did, exactly? Well, according to his old "Google cached" L3SO profile, he kidnapped a 17-year-old female stranger and "engaged in sexual contact including penetration," which appears to be the sanitized euphemism for BLOODY (EXPLETIVE) RAPE used by the folks who put these profiles together. For good measure, Tupac kidnapped a 15-year-old boy as part of the same incident.

One hears third hand about the Department of Corrections being all in a lather about the storm of publicity stirred up in the wake of Pete The Pedophile's gibberish-filled so-called lawsuit. One can't help but hope this increased activity and scrutinization of administrative duties somehow resulted in Makavelli going back to the pokey. However it happened, I'm just glad we're down by one, and I hope the count keeps going down in the coming weeks and months.

I predict it will. Watch and see if I miss my prediction.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he has been in jail since November. Maybe the people who run the level 3 website don't update it on a regular basis.

Johnny Northside said...

Can you post a link to that information?

Other stuff I'm seeing would tend to support your hypothesis, such as an offender who was supposed to be on the 2000 block of Glenwood, but appears to actually be on the 2200 block.

boathead said...

Boathead is my name and tracking down offenders and relaying the information to you, Mr. johnny Northside, will be my pleasure.The information will be legitimate and also backed up by minneapolis property reports.I am very familiar with all of north minneapolis and also know alot of people since i have lived here all of my life only leaving twice on military stints and an attempt at relocation.I will help where i can and will get back to you since talk is cheap.

Johnny Northside said...

I guess I'll see it when I see it, but thanks for the kind words.

In the meantime, I'd like to say this: if this guy was in jail since November, why wasn't the site updated? What good is this block-by-block notification if the information isn't even kept UP TO DATE? Somebody is dropping the ball, it appears, and my neighborhood is the one forced to deal with these...Level Three sex offender balls.

Anonymous said...

RE: Tupac Makaveli...

Obviously this is an alias. It may be a legal alias, but it's not a birth given name for a man of this age.

Many people may know the infamous "Tupac" - the rapper who was shot innumerous times, finally being gunned down to death.

But many may not know that Tupac also liked to refer to himself as Makaveli - named after Machiavelli, the Italian writer who fakes his own death and then returned to life.

So... for this L3SO to be named Tupac Makaveli - he isn't young enough to be named that from birth.

I say all this to make you ponder what his crim record is BEFORE he changed his name to Tupac Makaveli.

Johnny Northside said...

Here are some other names he has used, according to old, cached Google information:


I'm guessing the "Cecil Glenn Allen" name may not be so much an alias, so much as the name he was given at birth? Who knows, but funny how offenders get so many names. Take Pete Rickmyer, who is actually registered as an offender under Peter Richard Stephenson. (But known to all of us as "Pete The Pedophile")

I ask you, why should a Level Three sex offender even be ALLOWED to change their name after being convicted and/or registered in another name? Of course, we don't know what happened with ol' Tupac here. I'm guessing he was, in fact, convicted under that name and it appears to be the same name he actually uses.

So I guess I'm not complaining about his name too much, except for the pretentious aspect of it.

Anonymous said...

Johnny. I know a bit about names for criminals. We all need a unique identifier. Fingerprints are the current and the name that goes on that first print card essentially becomes the true name and others become an alias. So if our pal Tupac was first arrested as Cecil G Allen, then he may always be in the system under that name. Rickmyer is probably the same. I would hope that a level 3 would be rejected for a legal name change

Anonymous said...

Tupac my ass! If he was alive and know about this L3SO S.O.B. tarnishing his name, dead meat comes to mind. Maybe his mom and the rest of the black panthers will hear about this and he will never get back out the pen alive.
T Jaramillo

Johnny Northside said...

Boathead, talk to me. Contact me by email instead of using the comments function...

Johnny Northside! said...

Oops, looks like the score went the other way. Tupac Toshiq Makavelli is back in North Minneapolis and living on the 3000 block of Oliver Ave. N.

He has a hot new look, and I will be publishing his new mug shot.

Johnny Northside! said...

A comment has been rejected that called the sex offender in question "Tufat Muchasmelli" (OK, that part was funny) and claimed "Tufat" had committed a sex crime against the anonymous poster's relative.

Other things were said that will not be published.

Given the timing of the comment on the heels of my previous posting that "woke up the old thread," I doubt very much this was a sincere poster, more like one of the trolls that stalk the blog and are no longer allowed to comment.

But it's hard to be sure.