Saturday, March 20, 2010

Indoor Winter Farmer's Market TODAY At Local D'Lish...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Local D'Lish, the local and organic food store in North Loop owned by Jordan resident Ann Yin, will be sponsoring a Farmer's Market tomorrow. These indoor markets help bridge the gap between temperate fall and spring weather when outdoor farmer's markets appear all over the city. Here's the email announcement as written by Ann Yin...

Subject: Indoor Winter Market-THIS Saturday!

Spring is in the air and there's more than one type of March Madness going on at Local D'lish!

Local D'lish and the Mill City Farmers Market have teamed up to bring yet another amazing Indoor Market to the Downtown Minneapolis North Loop Neighborhood. The market falls on the first day of spring (yeah!), and it's a great reason to get out and feel the excitement building for the Mill City Farmer's Market, starting May 8th!

Indoor "Winter" Market
Saturday, March 20th
10am - 2 pm
Local D'lish Store Front

208 N 1st Street

(612) 886-3047

More than 20 vendors will be present, selling everything from local meats & cheeses to breads, cupcakes, salsas and MORE! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to support your local food producers.

Also - New at Local D'lish

Gluten-Free products from Vintage Farmer - noodles, soup mixes, cookie mixes, bread mixes, pizza crusts, muffin mixes. Chanda Knoof, owner and baker, also fresh bakes for the store every Monday and samples and sells from 5pm - 7pm in the store.

Now carrying Heggies Pizzas - cheese, sausage & pepperoni, deluxe, Italian inferno & six pack... made with local cheese and meats, they make a great meal!

Fresh Lettuce from A Future Farm, Baldwin, WI. Amazing green leaf, bib and red leaf lettuces.. tasty enough to eat, beautiful enough for a centerpiece.

And to go with that fresh lettuce, new salad dressings from Elder Valley Farms... Raspberry Poppyseed, Balsamic Agave, Greek Agave & Raspberry Agave... get em' while they're hot!

JNS says: Reportedly, there are some exciting things in the works at the store mostly around urban farming. One of the store employees Stefan Meyer is at the fore front of the urban farming movement in Minneapolis area. There are Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares available and some other cutting edge local food movements. Stay tuned for more info about Local D'Lish.


MeganG. said...

YES! That's Stefan in the picture with Ann - Hi Stefan!

He will be visiting some neighbors in Jordan tomorrow (sunday) for a Garden Potluck and some tips and techniques on growing your own food in your own backyard!

TeresaL. said...

I love this positive post. I received it too late to participate but it proves positive things are happening on the north side. I have been to Local D'Lish and was very impressed ...Ann is super nice and friendly too! Thanks again!

la_vie_en_rose said...

Can anyone please tell me when the markets open up again (and where they all are)? I'm familiar with the ones at Nicollet, of course, and I noticed the one down by Lyndale under the big shelter (I think that's Lyndale, although I'm probably wrong). I'm also curious if there's any around here.

I'd love to be able to grow some in my own backyard, but I'm sort of lacking one, heh.

MikeT said...

"I'd love to be able to grow some in my own backyard, but I'm sort of lacking one"

Not sure where you are, but there is a community garden up on Upton and 24th. A little labor can yield you a nice crop of veggies. :)

la_vie_en_rose said...

I'm on Broadway by the Prestige factory and KFC.

I've never participated in a community garden before. How does it work? I don't want to just show up and irritate someone without knowing the rules, of course!

Also, I found out about the markets myself last night, so I don't need information about those two anymore. :) However, if there are any other markets of interest in this neighborhood, I'm definitely interested. Especially in Asian produce.

Duney said...

Good to see this.. I missed it too. Would love to be at the next one. For la vie en rose... The Camden Farmers Market at The Warren will be open in July featuring produce locally grown.

Anonymous said...

Thank you JNS for letting everyone know about our winter markets...and thank you Northside neighbors for all of your support!! This winter market season has been terrific....great vendors, great customers and great local food!! Our last winter market will be on Saturday April 17 from 10-2. We will unveil our farming project that we have been building in the store. Stefan will give a presentation about what we have built and why it matters here in Minneapolis. Also we will celebrate Earth Day and kick off the Mill City Farmers Market (opening May 8). For the folks who are wanting more information about local farmers markets I will have a free map (available in about 2 weeks) that includes all farmers markets in the twin cities area. If you are interested in the starting your own garden feel free to stop in the store and chat with myself or Stefan for some help. Thanks again is so exciting to see the demand for local and sustainable food in NoMi.
Ann Yin

Johnny Northside said...

In regard to the community garden...Mike Klick has a community garden going. I don't know if there are spaces left or if they are all spoken for. Contact Mike Klick at

To Ann Yin: glad I could get the information up. I was on the road for one day, driving the truck, and I actually had my little son with me. I managed to get this blog post up before I fell asleep at a cheap hotel in Little Falls, Minnesota. I want to blog a lot more about the unique products at your store.

Anonymous said...

There are just three spaces left in the South Hawthorne Community Garden. (As of 3/22) We just secured another two year lease from Urban Homeworks, so the garden will be around through 2012.

The garden will be looking to secure more neighborhood funds so we can build more raised beds.

It is a really good example of some positives things happening in NoMi.