Tuesday, March 2, 2010

JNS BLOG SUPER EXCLUSIVE: The Apprehension Of Remaro C. Smith, Bail Bondsman Calls Smith "Little Punk And A Coward" Who Wouldn't "Come In Like A Man."

As regular readers of this blog know, the mother of murder victim Annshalike Hamilton has named Remaro C. Smith as the guy she thinks murdered her daughter, click here for that story. This blog has obsessively followed up on the Annshalike Hamilton murder story in numerous posts, click here for a good example, with a stated goal of keeping the story fresh in the minds of the public until there is justice for this young murdered girl, who was pregnant with a baby she'd intended to name "Kyra Hamilton."

It is a relief to know Remaro C. Smith is in custody on his warrants--including a felony gun warrant--but important to remember Smith is innocent until proven guilty.

A couple days ago, after the State Senate District 58 DFL convention, word came that Remaro Smith had been taken into custody after a standoff with a SWAT team and bail bondsmen. The first Pioneer Press coverage of the story said the standoff was six hours, but a subsequent story on WCCO said four hours. Click here for the WCCO story.

The video above was shot...

...at Good Sports Bar and Grill, as I called June Leikas--the mother of Annshalike Hamilton-- to get her reaction to the apprehension of Remaro Smith. I was rather surprised to learn she didn't know, and was learning of it from my phone call. She was relieved and as happy as one can reasonably be about this awful kind of thing. I should point out it was the "Pioneer Press" and not the "Post Intelligencer" which published the info on its newswire. I had the name of a Seattle newspaper stuck in my head.

Other exclusive information came to JNS blog, as well. The day before Smith was taken into custody, I learned there had been a car chase and somebody who had been listening on an open frequency told me the details. The chase was at about 12:15 PM, and the name "Remaro Cordell Smith" or something like it was mentioned, possibly "Rodell" The chase was along Southbound I-94 from Dowling Avenue North to Highway 55/7th Street. Police lost Smith before he got to Plymouth Avenue and called off the chase.

However, while police had to break off the chase, Remaro's bail bondsmen were still looking and taking things all personal-like. The following email came from bondsman Jeremy Jacobson, and I'm reproducing it exactly as it came to capture the original flavor of the communication:
Hello, well Mr Smith was nothing but a little punk and a coward. What all stared this was smith threatened a fellow recovery guy in the buisness. I was at Absolute bonding a few years then Lennie came on board at the company, I stepped away to work at couple different bail bond companies. Hes a great guy with a big heart and a hell of a recovery guy, I have no question when him and I are in a house searching it for someone, I do have complete faith in him for our safety. We have done numourous pickups together with a flawless record of getting people all over the Us

Lennie worked real hard on this file, what all came about was Lennie was trying to get smith to come in like a man, Smith decided against that and decided to run on his bail. Well he ended up getting in to a chase, after that Lennie spoke to him, smith decided to make a threat that he was going to shot him well we decided to get a 4 man team together and start hitting places. Lennie later found smith "our defendent" in a hotel room. we went out there and he was yelling at us and the police that the first one threw the door was going to get blasted. he also made a bunch of other dumb threats too. we started that at about 12:30 to 1 am.. Lennie took that threat personal not like a being scared type way, but a giant F U if you think your going to talk to him that way.

If you can please send the info on this murder case I would really like to know more. Thanx

JNS says: Readers, trust me when I say Jacobson has been directed to the appropriate informative JNS blog posts about Remaro Smith. Given what happened in Roseville, I doubt Smith will get bail ever again for the rest of his life.

Currently, the Ramsey County jail roster shows Smith in custody. One additional piece of info can be gleaned from the roster: Smith was born in Chicago.

On a final note, hearing the name "Lennie" can't help but invoke PTSD-like memories of another Lennie who is well known in North Minneapolis. Let me make it clear how THIS Lennie sounds like a great guy in contrast to this OTHER Lennie, who readers know too well, click here.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Sweet Jesus...hope he does himself in the jail cell...punk.

Johnny Northside said...

If I had to bail somebody, I'd sure want to use this particular company--knowing they have the resources to get the bonded guy back if he chooses to run, without getting him killed.

Marz said...

Right, him dying, that's too easy an out. Let him live, miserable, in a tiny cell with the knowledge that all the wonderful and glorious things in life can never be his. BTW this great weather sure matches the mood of those involved with this story. Brighter.

Anonymous said...

I hope he rots in jail. You should give yourself a pat on the back John. I am not so sure that without your blogging the punk would have been hunted down. You re-ignited the terrible murder. I realize he may not have killed Annshalike but he still is a creep.
MCullen NE

me said...

maybe his new boyfriend in prison will beet him like he beets his women

Johnny Northside said...

His new boyfriend in prison would be well advised to use condoms. That's all I'm going to say.

Anonymous said...

The WCCO story is great. He threatened to kill any cop who came near over and over then sounds like they had to gas him out and there was no weapon found in the hotel room. He doesn't even know when to toss in the towel. Obviously the guy is used to doing as he pleases.LOSER!

Johnny Northside! said...

Dead link on the WCCO story. You can't trust the mainstream media to maintain their stories on the web.