Saturday, March 6, 2010

JN-SPAN VIDEO: Festering CRA Battle Of Bellfield Versus Bicking At MPD Chief Dolan Reappointment Hearing...

Video and blog post by John Hoff

At the recent reappointment hearing of MPD Chief Dolan, there was a bit of a stir among the anti-Dolan forces as Donald Bellfield, the chair of the Civilian Review Authority, stood up to speak. Watch Tom Cleland to the right, and read his body language. This kind of "emotional stir" was going throughout the room among the anti-Dolan forces as Bellfield spoke, like Bellfield was Satan.

Recently, Bellfield had asked David Bicking to resign from the CRA for making what Bellfield thought were very anti-Dolan remarks at a public "bash Dolan" so-called "hearing" or "meeting" on the Dolan reappointment, click here for more details from City Pages.

Listening to what Bellfield is saying, he also appears to be alluding to the controversy with David Bicking. The second video is David Bicking, who also appears to be alluding to the controversy and, in fact, talks about a CRA meeting being cancelled and how he's going to show up, anyway.

Note the loud and repeated clapping. The chair of the Public Safety Committee asked the anti-Dolan crowd not to clap and intimidate people at the podium, but the anti-Dolan crowd defied the chair, one even name-calling the city council as "suffering sycophants."

This is not how you get city council people to vote your way.

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The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

The interesting part here is that the tactic of holding the signs up in a strategic manner has typically been used by the ANTI-establishment crowd to send their message either to a committee or a broader audience. This was the first time I've seen it used to promulgate the status quo. And the fact that the anti-Dolanites couldn't handle that was a thing of beauty.

I will say this much; John was certainly within his rights to express his opinions in this matter. But if the anti-Dolan crowd would have actually respected decorum, I bet John would have been asked by one of the council members to do likewise even if he had the right to wave the sign around.