Wednesday, March 10, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Inside Info About "Spanky Pete" And His Taxpayer-Funded Lifestyle Choices...

Photo and Blog Post By John Hoff

As regular readers know, with our soap opera already in progress...

"Spanky Pete" Rickmyer is a notorious person in the Jordan Neighborhood, due to his high-profile sex offender status and burning desire to participate in public meetings where--for example--he might get the floor and talk about poor little North Minneapolis children and how they have symptoms of PTSD. Yes, it seems Rickmyer is all concerned about that. (Some forms of sarcasm are too acid for a standard sarcasm font, so I'll link to something else I find quite expressive, click here)

The way I see it, when a frivolous litigant is subverting the dignity of the legal process, it is an act of good citizenship to dodge service. And, as the Star Tribune pointed out, there ain't nothing illegal about it.

Now there has been an exciting new development in the so-called "case." Incredible as it may sound...

...a source has been feeding me inside information about Rickmyer including drafts of documents he just left, er, laying around somewhere. Amazing, the stuff that hits my email inbox.

One of these drafts appears to say Rickmyer receives the following "means tested" programs:

General Assistance
Food Stamps
Minnesota Care
Energy Assistance

So, yeah, this guy is (apparently) living off your tax dollars while spending his days hanging out in the County Government Building, mostly on the 24th floor, concocting complaints against a neighborhood association for, um, lowering his "esteem" in the community.

Doing my Peter Rickmyer voice:

"Do children in North Minneapolis have good school equipment like, ah, microscopes?"

But, seriously, a lot of us wondered how Rickmyer managed to make a living. Now we have a likely explanation which seems to make sense. And ask yourself, is this what a recipient of so much welfare should be doing all day? Suing a neighborhood association, going around making gibberish complaints about this-and-that? Why isn't this guy out looking for a nasty and menial job consistent with his Level Three sex offender skill set?


Anonymous said...

Has anyone got the fress march copy of It is a paper with all the bad people around MN. And second page frfom the back is a section for local sexual preditors and guess who is second row center me carney voice "Winner Winner Winner" Spanky Pete. you can purchase this paper at handy stop. Located at 27 st and Braodway for one doller it s pretty funny to look at, and informative.

T Jaramillo

Johnny Northside said...

Spanky Pete voice:

"But can I roll the newspaper up and use it for disciplinary purposes?"

Anonymous said...

Dodging Service is like your own kind of civil disobedience - right on!

Anonymous said...

Im sorry the paper is busted or check
T Jaramillo

Johnny Northside said...

Somebody contacted me through the comments function in a not-for-publication post, expressing a particular concern. I am responding here.

Look, there's two places Pete hangs out all the time. One is his home--the creepy Keith Reitman blue house with boards over some of the windows, plastic garbage bags in other windows, not too far from the chicken place. Shudder.

The other place is the 24th Floor of the County Government building, in the law library. The guy is there CONSTANTLY.

So if Peter were to leave papers just laying around, and some source were to provide me those papers and, actually, say "go ahead and use this stuff, etc." then, well...

Where would the papers have come from? I don't see anything wrong with how I wrote it. I got the documents SOMEWHERE, described as a "source."

Furthermore, "just laying around" could include a garbage can, couldn't it? Or something could have been drafted on a public computer and left on the computer, right? Nobody is saying anything WRONG was done by anyone, especially the source. Whoever that might be.


The documents in question are so useful and revealing...though, like everything else Pete writes, mostly confusing gibberish.

Johnny Northside said...

And, to be clear, the source surely didn't go into Pete's house! In fact, I was actually writing things in such a way as to be PROTECTIVE of the source and make it clear NOBODY WENT INTO PETE'S HOUSE to get his very interesting papers.

They were just laying around, relevant journalistic information up for grabs about this bizarre public figure, Pete The Pedophile. And he's going to be even more of a public figure soon, though he got his minor mention in the Star Tribune.

Anonymous said...

Ty - it's

Johnny Northside said...

Here's a recent and interesting "registered sex offender" story.

Ohio man's lawyers put on no defense; jury convicts him of killing 2 teens, Associated Press

CINCINNATI - An Ohio registered sex offender, whose attorneys had told jurors he admitted to killing two teenage girls, has been found guilty of the slayings.

Anthony Kirkland, 41, was convicted Friday of aggravated murder, attempted rape and other charges in the slayings of Esme Kenney, 13, and Casonya Crawford, 14, both of Cincinnati.

Before the trial began, Kirkland pleaded guilty to the slayings of two women. His defense lawyers conceded during the trial that Kirkland admitted to all four killings, and they called no defense witnesses.

Defense lawyer Norm Aubin said the defense now would focus on trying to prevent Kirkland from getting the death penalty.

Johnny Northside said...

Oh, here's another...

Thousands expected to mourn death of Southern California teen, adored by friends, Associated Press

POWAY, Calif. - Students have wrapped ribbons around 8,000 sunflowers to hand out at a memorial service for Chelsea King, the 17-year-old girl whose murder has shaken her community and spurred calls for legal changes in how child sex offenders are treated.

"A lot of people are getting ready to bring closure to it," said Evan Shirley, 17, a friend of Chelsea's. "I hope to see everyone come out to support the family and honor their friend in whatever way they see fit."

The service Saturday comes 11 days after Chelsea's body was discovered in a shallow, lakeside grave near Lake Hodges, ending a massive five-day search. Organizers were issuing passes to limit seating at Poway High School stadium, which holds about 6,000 people.

Chelsea was a straight-A student ran on the cross-country team, played French horn in the San Diego Youth Symphony and was active in her school's peer counseling program. She was a tireless volunteer in school and community activities, whether working at a prom for special education students or packaging food for needy families in Africa.

She had applied to 11 colleges and aspired to a career that would combine her interests in writing and the environment.

Chelsea was last seen Feb. 25 wearing running clothes in Rancho Bernardo Park in San Diego, where her car was found locked with her belongings inside.

John Gardner, 30, was arrested three days later and pleaded not guilty to the murder and to the attempted rape of another woman in December. He also is a suspect but has not been charged in the killing of 14-year-old Amber Dubois, who disappeared as she walked to school in nearby Escondido in early 2009.

Gardner served five years of a six-year sentence for molesting a 13-year-old neighbor in 2000 to molesting a 13-year-old neighbor. He was on parole for three years, until September 2008.

On Friday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered a review of the way the state handled the 2000 case.

Anonymous said...

Condoning stalking, trespassing and an invasion of personal material for the sole purpose of your benefit?

Is that really the caliber of person you are, John?

And what of unrelated articles involving sex offenders? Are you trying to say they are all alike? And therefore should all be crucified as if they had committed the crimes you published, even when they had not?

Or just another attempt to manipulate the masses with selective articles geared to induce a specific public reaction more favorable to your blanket belief? enlighten us, John.

Johnny Northside said...

I have not condoned the things you say I've condoned. And kindly don't drag the discussion all the way to "sex offenders" in general, when I am only focused on Level Three sex offenders, who are "all alike" in that they've been given a designation by the state saying they are dangerous and likely to reoffend.

Posting articles about known sickos who went out and reoffended supports my point--that they are dangerous and likely to reoffend, just as the state says--and Minnesota would be better off publishing the specific addresses like the MAJORITY OF STATES see fit to do.

Really, I think the state would be better off publishing the addresses than having blogs publish them. The information would be easier to update, for one thing.

Once other bloggers see how I'm publishing the addresses, perhaps they will start to do the same thing and the movement will spread. In the meantime, the quest continues and I am still soliciting help in getting the addresses...including help from inside the system. You know who you are, and you know you read this blog.

Help me out, here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ March 14, 2010 12:10 AM sounds like Keith Reitman with the *enlighten us* crap.

la_vie_en_rose said...

I remember Kirkland from when I lived in the area (from the news, not personally). Him getting kicked to the street is a regular thing that goes on in Indiana and Ohio.

Have problems that keep you from getting housing or staying in halfway houses even in the worst sections of the city? Sleep below an underpass!

No, I'm not kidding about that. It just got exposed (again) recently in Indy. Quite a number of people with undisclosed mental problems with nowhere else to go for various reasons were living under an I-70 bridge. They were removed -- not for the sake of the citizens, but because local businesses called them "an eyesore".

While I don't want the really bad offenders (not the ones who screwed up once; I'm talking about the ones who have serious issues and re-offend on a constant basis) living next door to me, they certainly can't be living in the streets either because that -- as the Kirkland case shows -- leads to all sorts of problems. Once again, that raises the question: what the hell do we do with them that's still within their rights?

I should also clarify something about Indiana's sex offender registry search. I don't think Indiana has a "level" system. It's pretty much "you're on the registry for 10 years until you serve your time or you screw up again". There are what I'd consider Level Threes on there, along with guys I remember from high school who got caught with their pants down around their underage girlfriends (although they were allowed to date). So anyone who has ever been convicted of a sex-related crime is on there, no matter how mild or severe.

I don't know how Ohio operates, although it could be the same way.