Thursday, March 4, 2010

To My Source: I Can't Confirm Your Info, Please Assist...

2000 block of Glenwood Ave. N., photo and 
blog post by John Hoff

This post is directed to a source but I am communicating it out in the open...

I received your info about the Level Three sex offenders at those specific addresses on the 2000 block of Glenwood Ave. N. Thank you SO MUCH and please keep the info coming.

HOWEVER, I have been unable to confirm the info to my standards and satisfaction. I went to the headquarters of the entity you named and talked to somebody there. They deny any Level Three sex offenders are in either of those two buildings, though they confirm children live in "only one" of the buildings. They sure didn't want to talk to me very much, that's for sure.

Also, I physically went to the two buildings and I was able to eyeball the mailboxes in the lobby. None of the mailboxes appear to have the names of Bordeau, Dawson, Gassaway. The one building is "supportive housing" for individuals in treatment.

I can't go saying this organization is housing Level Three sex offenders in one or both of those buildings until I can somehow verify the info. Can you assist? And, please, let's talk by email.

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Anonymous said...


Please read this article:

The doctor of alleged killer actually recommended maximum sentences and was ignored. So my guess is that they can go back to find out which dimwit judge handed out the sentence.

Anyway, I wonder if you can find out the actually mental evaluations of these offenders. I think if we have to deal with the risks, we have the right to know the level of risks.

Johnny Northside said...

Yes, I looked at the article.

Of course, I didn't need that article to convince me. I was at the University of North Dakota when Dru Sjodin was abducted and murdered by a sick, known deviant who never should have been let out. That guy was no better and no worse than all the other sick deviants in North Minneapolis...

Well, except that he hadn't been out very long. And some of them have been out a while. But, then again, some of them HAVEN'T been out a while, and then you have to look at the seriousness of the crimes.

They should all be locked up and throw away the key or...well, I've suggested my "home, home on the range" idea for living in remote locations, far from any other human beings, made to live off the land.