Friday, March 12, 2010

Old Marathon Station On West Broadway Is Now "Fayo"

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

I'd never been in the old Marathon gas station on West Broadway, though once I'd stood across the street with Megan Goodmundson and Connie Nompelis, watching at least half a dozen cop cars descend on the place after some kind of robbery.

(Megan and Connie are, respectively, a Jordan Neighborhood "super citizen" and a Realtor slash historic house preservationist. Connie's name, which is Greek, is pronounced like "Noble-iss") 

Recently, Connie pointed out the sign from the station was missing. We had to wonder if it was closing, under new ownership or just undergoing an identity crisis with its petroleum products...

One year ago, to the very month, this business had tried to get changes approved which would allow it to become some kind of drive through "wings and things" place, and (in summary) the neighborhood was all, like, NO WAY!!!! (Click here for that story) The proposed changes did not go through.

So a few days ago--the whole time watching for process servers out of the corner of my eye--I went inside the gas station to find out what was up, BESIDES the price of gas.

I'd never been inside before. I was amazed by how small the store area was, since the building is quite big. I guess the old car wash part of the station is sealed off, and you have to wonder what kind of rusty relics of another era are sealed inside? Working at the car wash, yeah.

The clerk told me the sign was being changed because the station was under new ownership. The station would now be known as "Fayo."


Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice to have a nice well-appointed gas station on Broadway. I refuse to stop at any of gas stations on Broadway, besided Winner Gas Station. But even that I will try to avoid if possible.

Anonymous said...

I use the Holiday Station on Washington. The staff are really friendly.

M. Clinton said...

Too funny. I was just going to post that I use the Holiday Station on Washinton because the staff are very friendly. It also is clean. The Honey Bee, when built was really decked out. I wish it had all of the great service and amenities that Bobby and Steve's Auto World has. It has a great location and has that sort of potential. But it never feels clean and kept up, isn't well appointed, and the staff never really seem happy to see you. Although I do like the Holiday, it would be nice to have at least ONE nice gas station on West Broadway as well.

That's it, you gone and done it! said...

That Fayo mart has been that way for a couple years now. I used to go there when Phyllis and her husband owned it, but they retired. Now, there is a bunch of Arabs there and drama....I no longer frequent that store...I also use Washington's Holiday.

Anonymous said...

I agree the washington holiday is great.good service ,nice staff and clean