Saturday, March 6, 2010

JN-SPAN VIDEO: Al Flowers, The Mayor Of Crazy Town, Testifies At Minneapolis Police Chief Dolan Reappointment Hearing...

Al Flowers, who ran for Mayor on a platform of "more lie-berries" and increasing the "medium" (sic) income of citizens, added his 1 and 4/5ths of a cents worth of opinion to the reappointment hearing for Minneapolis Police Chief Dolan.

I guess it would be more accurate to say the hearing *ON* the reappointment *NOMINATION* of Chief Dolan, but it's just easier and, really, more frank to say "the reappointment hearing for Chief Dolan." Even Al Flowers pointed out how reappointment was pretty much a done deal and...

...really, there wasn't much to be accomplished by the anti-Dolan forces except make the record and vent their spleens and it was SO UNFAIR. Really, though, isn't this the moment one might want to be deeply introspective and ask oneself, "Am I a visionary, ahead of my time, or just an unorthodox malcontent who needs to pull up my pants, get some meds and psychotherapy and maybe--just maybe--finally start setting a good example for my children?"

Unfortunately, Al Flowers isn't very entertaining when you just GIVE him the floor. The best part of his speech was when he claimed not to be anti-police because, after all, his sister was "a police."

Yeah, well, a lot of important details got left out of that remark. For more, click here to read the story about the Flowers family and their habit of never-ending litigation including the not-so-illustrious career of Al's sister as "a police."

But I don't want to come off as too critical of Al Flowers. After all, if it wasn't for Al Flowers coming up and warning me at that same hearing, I would have gotten served legal papers by Pete The Pedophile.

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