Sunday, March 21, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Arrest(s) In Home Invasion Robbery...

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

At least one, but possibly two suspects were arrested today in a home invasion robbery where five young children were present in the house. The victims appeared to be Hmong. The incident took place around the 2800 block of Aldrich Ave. N. this morning and went down right in front of me.

Officers in half a dozen squad cars were observed setting up a perimeter around a one-block area...

...apparently in pursuit of somebody on foot.

In the photo above, an officer stakes out his portion of the perimeter. I observed him deliberately scan his head ahead and to the left, ahead and to the left...seemingly watching for a suspect to be flushed out. Several bystanders in the neighborhood watched the action.

Two officers have a squad-to-squad conference in the street.

One suspect was arrested in the alley. Later, I saw a suspect put into a police car in a different location, (photo at top of blog post) but I couldn't be positive it was a different suspect. One eyewitness told me she saw two different suspects taken into custody.

A suspect (on the right) is placed into a squad car in the alley.

Officers converged on this house on the 2800 block of Aldrich and were seen talking to five children; the oldest of which may have been 12. A witness to some of the events said there was a home invasion robbery with the children present in the home. The witness strongly implied--but did not say directly--he or some other person witnessed a suspect "mosey" off the porch of the house on the 2800 block of Aldrich and realized that person did not belong at that particular house and was probably up to no good, and so called authorities.

The same witness spoke of decent people in the neighborhood who pick up trash and do other "neighborhood things" to make things "safe and quiet," and said "this is usually a very quiet and safe block."

According to the witness, there had been a home invasion robbery in the last couple months, aimed at the house right next door, also occupied by a family which appeared to be Hmong. In that instance--according to the witness--the "grandma" of the house opened the door and a robber forced his way inside with a gun, threatening violence and looting the house while keeping the "grandma" covered with the gun.

The crime lab van showed up at the scene, and two officers were seen in the alley behind the house using flashlights in the daylight and examining the ground while wearing gloves. The children at the house on the 2800 block were seen speaking to a police officer who took notes. At one point, the officers went in the house with the four oldest children.

The smallest child, a little boy of about 4, stayed in the front yard and looked at the police cars with a worried, pensive look.

Editorial comment by Johnny Northside: Thanks to Chief Dolan for all the great work your officers do to fight crime in North Minneapolis. God bless the Fourth Precinct.


Anonymous said...

Its no secret that the Hmong culture is not very trusting of "main stream" institutions. Adherents to the Hmong culture often do not trust banks, thus keeping many of their valuables in their homes. Hmong gangsters know this... thus the younger often prey upon their elders. Heart breaking in many cases.
-just a cop

Anonymous said...

If one was to look at the Hennepin County Jail Roster web page ( and enter the name Ryan Fore one just might discover who was arrested for the home invasion and who is currently being held pending formal charges. And he is not Hmong.

Johnny Northside! said...

One suspect or TWO? Can you provide further info?

MyMy's Moma said...

As a resident of the 2900 block of Aldrich, anxious to leave as quickly as possible, while owing three times what our house is now worth, I can assure you that these blocks are anything but quiet. During just the month of November, our immediate block saw no fewer than 6 drive by shootings (although 2 of them were actually more properly termed "bike-bys", as we watched the young teen perpetrators flee on their bicycles after firing their shots). I contacted Inspector Martin at that time, but we have serious and ongoing issues in this segment of Aldrich (27th through 30th) and it appears to be getting progressively worse. Nary a week goes by that one of these blocks isn't in the weekly report. In the time we've been here, I can say conclusively that we have seen the impact of the cameras on Lyndale, in that they have moved the prostitutes and dealers and folks hanging out over a block to Aldrich.

Anonymous said...

boys on bikes with guns...?
Natural Selection will take care of this problem.

Johnny Northside said...

I'm sorry, I just need to know...

Are any of these fat bottom boys who make the thuggin' world go rooooooound?

Anonymous said...

White culture is extravagant. White people flaunt wealth in many aspects of their lives, including their homes. Some keep expensive jewelry, electronics, and rare coins in their homes. Burglars know this...thus they prey on white people. Sad.---

Hmm...Hmong people aren't that different from everyone else, except that they're Hmong.

I loved, loved, loved the comment by "just a cop." Spoken like a true non-Hmong person. The issue of trusting banks is a class issue, not a cultural issue. The trust part doesn't explain anything about why Hmong people do what they do. Some Hmong people do what they do because: 1) language (if I can't read or am limited English proficient, it's difficult to use the bank), 2) laws and regulations (if I've saved up thousands of dollars, a bank statement is evidence that I won't be able to qualify anymore for a means-tested public assistance program), 3) efficiency (if my kid marries or if I die, I want my money right there).

I agree with the statement re: Hmong gangsters preying on Hmong people who don't use banks. It is heart breaking.

But, culture doesn't explain why Hmong gangsters steal from Hmong people. Nor does it explain why some Hmong people don't use banks.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2:01 a.m.:
What the hell is "white culture," besides a term that is used by someone with monochromatic eyes.

If you choose to live your life in monochrome, life sucks for you.

Save your lectures until after you get your rods and cones checked out.

la_vie_en_rose said...

While I agree that plenty of people love flaunting their wealth, isn't it just a teeny bit stupid to expect people to not want to use those big LCD/HDTVs they just bought or for a woman to not want her expensive jewelry available for her use?

It really doesn't matter WHO wants expensive items in their own homes/apartments. What really matters is that people shouldn't be stealing from others. Yes, I know it's an age-old habit that's difficult to break, but that doesn't make it right.