Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Level Three Sex Offenders Frederick Arden Hamilton And Richard Allen Thompson: Where They Live, How They Are Part Of "Dangerous Concentration"

Richard Allen Thompson, 2517 Golden Valley Road
Frederick "Minor Pimpin' " Arden Hamilton, 1900 Thomas Ave. N.

DOC photos in public domain, other photos and blog post by John Hoff

Trustworthy information is now in my hands that Level Three sex offenders (L3SOs) Frederick Arden Hamilton and Richard Allen Thompson both reside in buildings owned by Cheryl A. McCluskey of Spring Lake Park, Minnesota.

Hamilton resides at 1900 Thomas Ave. N., bottom photo.

Richard Allen Thompson resides at...

2517 Golden Valley Road, which is in a splendid-looking building called "Granada Court" that includes 2517 through 2525 Golden Valley Road and is also the residence of sick puppy Richard Bernard Dawkins, click here for more info. (Unknown which apartment Dawkins resides in within the building)

If you were to stand in front of 1900 Thomas Ave. N., you could look to your left and see 2517-25 right across Golden Valley Road, as in the second picture from the bottom.

This dangerous concentration of Level Three sex offenders in my neighborhood MUST BE ROLLED BACK. Think about it: isn't it the responsibility of a landlord to know about the laws pertaining to dangerous, predatory Level Three sex offenders before renting to them? And since there is a law which limits concentration--and, really, isn't "concentration" something common sense can interpret?--how is a landlord NOT violating the statutory rights of neighborhood residents by putting AT LEAST THREE OF THESE SICK PUPPIES in one small area? I don't understand so, really, somebody...explain how one gets away with it? 

To Cheryl A. McCluskey: I strongly urge you to terminate IMMEDIATELY the leases of the Level Three sex offenders in your buildings to the point this "dangerous concentration" no longer exists. (Though, probably, you'd have to get rid of ALL the Level Threes in your building, because the concentration also exists in the neighborhood OUTSIDE your building)

Clearly, Ms. McCluskey, some kind of mistake has been made and Level Three sex offenders have been inadvertently concentrated in my neighborhood. So do the smart thing and undo the mistake and help my neighborhood. Your buildings look nice from the outside, and I firmly believe you may be one of the better landlords based upon what I've seen so far, but this concentration of Level Three sex offenders in your buildings...it's just not acceptable AND YOU ARE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT AND MAKING MONEY OFF IT.


Ranty said...

I love that building.

Anonymous said...

uummm... that one dude looks way to happy for a mug shot. I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I have known cheryl for 30 years.... she is a great landlord and keeps her buildings in excellent condition. My question is, where do you house persons who have served their time and are trying to get their lives in order. She runs a tight ship and doesn't take any crap from any tenant. I grew up on the north side and live near this area. It saddens me that there is a continual flow of problems in this area. Everyone deserves a break. If these offenders didn't have a place to live (oh by the way they have jobs) or a job what would they be doing??????? Settle down and give it a chance.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, Anonymous has known Cheryl for 30 years. Very impressive, anonymous voice. Why don't you claim you've known her 100 years, since you're anonymous? I always find it kind of laughable when unknown people make assertions of facts. I assert there is a sleeping sloth on your head.

As for where these L3S0s should get housed: NOT all stacked together and concentrated in violation of the statute. NOT all in my neighborhood.

If a lawsuit gets filed over this, Cheryl should be named in the lawsuit. This couldn't happen without her. And, believe me, folks are casting about behind the scenes trying to figure out how to file something, and who will file it. Feel free to share your ideas, folks.

But on a positive note: I have nothing bad to say about the conditions of the buildings I have seen owned by Cheryl.

Anonymous said...

Nice you finally find one responsible NOMI landlord that keeps the properties up and you runt them down. How about pulling the crime reports for her buildings and lets see how she does in that area. IF she does well, I think you owe an apology.

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't owe her anything. Sex offenders statistically commit all kinds of crimes without getting caught. She's got sex offenders stacked up in her buildings.

Even if her buildings have ZERO 911 calls, the buildings are unsafe because of the concentration of sex offenders. If I've delayed printing more stuff about this landlord, it is simply because I do not yet have the info in my hands.

mr.polt said...

hey john! ignorance is bliss,isn't it? i have much to state to you and all who view your blog, however not at this time as i have tasks more important to do. john you have commented on subjects you have little or no knowledge on, but i have made my presence known so keep in mind the name. i shall return

mr.polt said...

john, this is mr. polt, i will be checking in to see if you've posted my comment, if you don't, oh well, there's always another way to skin a cat

Anonymous said...

i know for a fact he is still doing this! i hope the court system keeps him in jail this time! people like this preys on weak women.

Johnny Northside! said...

Elliot Sylvester Gassaway is sitting in jail this moment on a Department of Corrections hold, and he lists 2601 Golden Valley Road as his address.

Anonymous said...

You do the crime and pay your debt to society that should be the end of it. Everyone of us has made mistakes in our lives. There is a little sex offender in everyone deep down.

Johnny Northside! said...

That is an interesting philosophical point.

But the difference would be whether they ACT upon those dark urges.

He acted. For that, he bears the stigma for the rest of his life. And these concentrations of dirty birds are driving down property values.