Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Details On The Terrifying Hmong Home Invasion Burglary...

Ryan Steven Fore mugshot, therefore in public domain, blog post by John Hoff

As previously reported on Johnny Northside Dot Com--prior to being reported by WCCO, thank you very much--five children were temporarily held captive in a terrifying home invasion allegedly committed by Ryan S. Fore, pictured above.

Now, a reliable source has come forward with additional information about the incident...

It is confirmed five children were home, no adults. WCCO reports the oldest child was 13. (This blog had previously estimated the oldest child was 12)

Here is what my source told me, word for word:

"The man threatened to shoot them with a gun unless they went upstairs. While they were upstairs, he ransacked the downstairs, taking among other items a computer, and laptop computer, a camera and an ipod or iphone. He threaened to kill them if they came downstairs or called the police.

"A neighbor at 29XX Alrdrich saw the man inside, knew he didn't belong there, and called the police. They said the police got there quickly. One squad car pulled into the alley, and the children yelled for help.

"They said that everything he took either they got back or is being held for evidence."

JNS blog adds: word is the neighbor that called the police is in the same building where the campaign began to get more Hmong police officers. This campaign began after that building was "taken over" by gang members and an older Hmong resident wanted to talk to a Hmong-speaking police officer.

The WCCO report appears to confirm there was one suspect, not two. I personally saw a suspect placed into a police vehicle at two different locations, but I was never sure if it was one guy or two and my reporting reflected that.

Apparently, the suspect was transferred or removed from one vehicle and put back inside another--or the same vehicle at a different location--leading another eyewitness at the scene to conclude there were two different suspects.

On another note...I hope the authorities throw the book at this (alleged) terrorizer of children and (suspected) no account thug.


Anonymous said...

If he did it once, he'll do it again. he should be sent to siberia, or put in a canoe and dropped in the middle of the atlantic, or castrated, or something. No place for this person in society. none. See ya, loser.

M. Clinton said...

Do we know anything about his criminal history? It takes a lot of balls to do what he did. I doubt this is his first time in trouble.

Johnny Northside said...

Well, I wrote a little about this on a previous post...

I turned up ZERO criminal history. But there's a guy born in the early 1960s with this guy's same three names. His relative? Who knows.

It's possible he has a juvenile record, but that wouldn't turn up.

THANK GOD these children weren't killed as witnesses to the crime.

Johnny Northside said...

Another thing I am glad for: WCCO picked up this story and gave it more attention than this blog can deliver. Thanks to WCCO.

Did I mention KSTP continues to suck?

Anonymous said...


Johnny Northside! said...

Can you confirm it is pronounced like "four?"

I thought it might be like "four-ay."

me said...

hang em save tax dollars