Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pete The Pedophile Tries To Serve Johnny Northside In City Council Chambers, Northside Escapes...

In the photo above, "Pete The Pedophile" walks away from the City Council dias after leaving some paperwork in the spot where Diane Hofestede wits. I hope Hofestede has hand sanitizer.

Anyway, the whole exciting story of my "great escape" will be told by-and-by, but for now here's the summary:

Pete Rickmyer, a.k.a. Pete The Pedophile, apparently was trying to have me served with his worthless legal paper today while I was in City Council Chambers, covering the reappointment proceedings for MPD Chief Dolan. But the sheriff's deputy wouldn't come into council chambers, waiting outside for, like, two hours.

In the meantime, I was busy making arrangements to speak to my city council rep about pressing issues--the concentration of Level Three sex offenders in my neighborhood, as it turned out--and I ended up exiting the building through the city council offices instead of the main door. Whew, did I get lucky!

But think about it: would you want a Level Three sex offender to have "personal jurisdiction" over you? I didn't think so.

In the photo above, Pete the Pedophile sits in council chambers, waiting and watching. I hear the look on his face was pretty funny when he realized his quarry had escaped, literally under the eyes of the whole public-access-channel-watching City of Minneapolis and (reportedly) two sheriff's deputies plus the video camera of the Mpls Mirror. HA!!!!!!!!!!

My sincere, profuse apologies to the deputies for the waste of their valuable time. In the words of a song: Could have had me any day, only let me slip away...out of kindness, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Love It! There's no buzz like the buzz that comes with avoiding service.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how you try to justify it; when you dodge being served, its a clear indication that your own conscience doesn't support your actions, and you don't believe a courtroom will either.

You can talk tough, but when you have to stand like a man for your actions, you run like the coward you truly are.

Its difficult to identify who is the greater psychological deviant in this case: a convicted pedophile, or an embittered sociopath who thinks he is exonerated above reproach if he claims his venomous malcontent and social subversion is all for the greater good.

Decisions, decisions...

Johnny Northside said...

No, it's a clear indication that I prefer not to waste my time dealing with Pete's gibberish. I'd prefer to see the matter dismissed before I have to waste my time on it, which it most likely will be because so much of it is written in (the psych term is) "word salad."

Why am I not surprised you're being anonymous? Sure, most of the time I love my anonymous commenters, but in this case you're probably trying to avoid being branded a "defender of a pedophile" for life. Heck of a political albatross to wear.

Anonymous said...

Your ability to confuse berating your cowardice with supporting a pedophile is another clear example of how well you trash the facts to support your deviant dogma.

Not agreeing with your spineless vigilante-ism, does not logically translate into support of a pedophile, but you wouldn't know about logic now, would you.

If your blog contained any tenet of objective truth, and presented with any level of professional journalistic skill, I would not hesitate to put my confidence in your character.

However, as you have shown in this article, and numerous others, you twist the facts to support your sensationalized, self-righteous rhetoric to woo the weak-minded. Jerry springer, SJR, Geraldo do the same thing - only you aren't as popular. Forgive me for not being so stupid so as to get goaded (like so many of their guests) into the public eye under a false pretense to let you pick apart my person in an ultra-biased blog, when you cannot address the topic at hand.

There is conservative, and then there is your cowardice. Just as you tout your 'bravery' for never going anonymous in online comments (which there is some significant doubt to that claim), you find it acceptable to run when you about to be held accountable for your actions.

Amazing example for someone who tries to portray himself as raising the neighborhood standard.

I would say let the courts decide if its 'a waste of time', and not yourself; since your personal values cannot really be trusted.

MeganG. said...

Do I detect an Irish brooooogue with that anonymous rant? Hmmmmm....

Johnny Northside said...

To the anonymous commenter above Megan's comment...

Oh, I woe the "weak minded," hun? No, my blog is on the side of WINNERS.

People who are turning around the neighborhood. (Winners!)

Don Samuels. (Winner)

R.T. Rybak (Winner! But that's not saying much, considering who he was up against, but that's because he's such a WINNER nobody wants to run against him)

Police Chief Dolan. (Winner!)

Prosecutors who take down mortgage fraudsters, like Brad Johnson and Liz Johnston. (Winners!)

You are embittered because you are on the side of LOSERS. I'm guessing you're part of the anti-Dolan crowd. You know, I'll say something though it will be awkward for me, since I was at RNC 2008 with the protesters, and I was at the Battle of Seattle, and a bunch of other protests which rode the edge, including the "Broadway Police Riot" in September of 1994, in Seattle.

But I'll say this anyway: it's very odd to see a certain crowd of people saying, "No, go turn yourself over to the authorities bearing paperwork from a child molester. Show your respect for the law. Etc. Etc."

This is a crowd of folks who can't refrain from clapping when told not to, one of which got up and said "F***ing C***" during the public hearing before the Public Safety and Health Committee.

When did this crowd become SO VERY LAW ABIDING they would urge me to do something I'm not even legally required to do?! And in defense of who do they speak? A pervert pedophile.

You want to preach to me about moral courage from behind your anonymous facade? Moral courage, I say, is facing down the CHILD MOLESTING FILTH which has been dumped into our neighborhood, a dangerously large predatory pool of ultra-deviant criminals.

Every day I manage to avoid service is a day that creepy Pete The Pedophile is thwarted and is unable to further subvert the courts as a frivolous litigant. And besides...turns out I'm really good at it and it's FUN.

MeganG. said...

**clap clap clap**

Clapping loudly and waving my Go Johnny Go sign.

Call me names if you want for cheering on John - but just be sure to call them from the front steps of any one of the many vacant houses on my block. Thats all I ask.