Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Love My Home In Nomi--! Here's My (Sorta) New Electric Dryer!

Photo And Blog Post by John Hoff

Sometimes I have to stop and celebrate the little milestones of home ownership, like the time I got the electric stove hooked up and made a meal of corn on the cob, click here.

Several months ago, the Minneapolis Re-Use Center had a half-off sale, and I took the opportunity to snap up an electric dryer which was normally $100 but--on that particular day--only cost me $50.

And, well, it took me a while to get around to moving it from my detached garage down to the basement, but that day finally came last week. And just in time! Hawthorn (sic) Crossings strip mall is rapidly becoming a free fire zone AS WELL AS an open air drug market, who wants to do laundry THERE? But I truly believe not only will the police get a handle on that crime, but the day will com in the not so distant future when...

Hawthorn (sic) Crossings will become a safe, clean, prosperous place where you'll be able to sit down to a $25 entree with linen tablecloths and real silver wear, accompanied by wine that doesn't come in a screw-off-lid bottle, but has a cork. So much investment and effort is going into West Broadway, but that area around the "900 block" continues to be a challenge.

Ha. I guess this isn't the thing most people think about while plugging in their new dryer and doing that first load of laundry. But what a grand adventure home ownership has been in this rapidly-revitalizing neighborhood. And how good to have clean laundry for my next impending truck driving adventure!


Anonymous said...

Actually screw cap wine is very good and the quality can be much higher than corked wine.

Johnny Northside said...

But wouldn't that be the exception rather than the rule?

Anonymous said...

Anon 407pm:
What you really meant to say was that *some* screw cap wine is very good and the quality can be much higher than *some* corked wine.

Ranty said...

@johnny No. Actually the screwecap (also known as the "stelvin closure") has gained greatly in popularity in recent years, and it's quite common. Many of my favorite mid-range-price wines which used to come synthetically corked are now appearing with screwcaps.

BTW, tangentially, I was in Chi-Lake Liquors the other day and am amazed to report that THEY HAVE CAYMUS CAB SAUV!!! And, not only to they HAVE it, but it's like, you know, just right out there on the shelf... mingling amongst all the lesser wines as if attempting to somehow go incognito.

That totally blew my mind.

Anonymous said...

Yes screw cap wine is no longer lumped in with the cheap box wines you might see. While there is certainly plenty of crap screw top wine there is also likley more crap cork wine. If you don't consume the entire bottle you can't beat screw top wine.