Sunday, March 14, 2010

JNS BLOG SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Michael K. Queen Fingered As Drew Heinkel's Killer...

Photos by Nicole Sterling, blog post by John Hoff

Nicole Sterling--forwarding info without asking for or being given any promise of confidentiality by this blog--has identified Michael K. Queen a.k.a. "Bootleg Mike" as the individual who killed Drew Heinkel with a knife.

Nicole Sterling knew the victim, Drew Heinkel.

In an email with three photos attached, Sterling says as follows...

Info about Drew Heinkels (killer). His name is Michael K Queen (I'm about 99% sure about his name) hes 30yrs old, his B-Day is in Nov, people call him "Movie Mike or Bootleg Mike" cuz he sells bootleg DVDs n stuff. He is still living at 3823 Dupont AVE N where the murder happened but before he moved in with us on Dupont he was living in St. Paul. He was on a Bowling League every Thurs night at the Brunswick Zone but I think that just ended. His parents live in St. Michael and his Dad was or still is a teacher at North High.

(No spelling or punctuation corrections were made by JNS blog, though a word used by Sterling was omitted and the word "killer" was substituted)

This information is all according to Nicole Sterling, but highly relevant and worthy of publication given her close relationship to the victim, Drew Heinkel. If Michael K. Queen would like to communicate by email, my email address is and I am committed to publishing his side.

It must be noted--with extreme emphasis--the Commander of the Fourth Precinct has stated this matter is currently believed to be a justifiable homicide, click here for more info.

JNS blog is currently finding out more information about Michael K. Queen in the same matter information was dug up about Drew Heinkel. Criminal and traffic records have been located, and so far it appears Micheal Kenteris Queen, DOB 11/16/1979, has an extensive but relatively minor criminal record.

More info will follow in subsequent blog posts.

(Blogging from an undisclosed location with a prime rib for 8.99 special)


Anonymous said...

Did you clear the release of such information with the investigative team first?  Or rush to publish this simply for the glory it would bring the JNS blog?  Without any consideration for the ramifications it would bring to an active investigation, or danger it may submit Nicole Sterling to?

Trudrud said...

Nice to know the info, but I'm not sure it's a good idea to expose this guy. Isn't the whole reason why he's not in jail right now because the police determined that it was a case of self defense? Granted, he's not the dead guy, but if it was actually self defense, then this Michael Queen guy is also a victim in this situation, and publishing his photo and information doesn't quite seem like the right thing to do -even if he is one of those guys who loiters around Hawthorne crossings selling pirated movies. It would be helpful to know exactly what went on that night, but given how sketchy the info is so far in terms of painting a picture of what actually happened, this just makes me really uncomfortable. Most of the information I've read here from Nicole and Misty (hope I'm remembering the names right)has been largely unintelligible babble about who loved Drew more, topped off with a few sprinkles of burning hatred directed at the person who stabbed him (now known as Mike), but nobody has yet answered what really happened that night. If one of the two girlfriends was actually there as a witness and believes it was a case of murder instead of self defense, why didn't the cops press charges?

Johnny Northside said...

To the first commenter: It is not customary for media to "clear the release of information" with the police when it comes free and clear from a source who is NOT the police. What should I do, submit a request to publish to my local commissar from the politburo?

I'm sure the police already know very well who Mike is. If the police have information they want me to print, they are free to contact me. With the commander of the Fourth Precinct telling people it appears to be a case of self-defense, how "active" is this investigation? What is there to jeopardize?

As for "danger" to Nicole Sterling, it appears Nicole Sterling was willing to take the risk to speak freely about the guy who killed Drew. She should be commended for that.

But this blog just can't win, can we? First I'm criticized for printing criminal information about the victim, Drew Heinkel, without printing stuff about his killer (whose NAME I didn't even have, for cripe's sake) but now when somebody who knew Drew comes forward with the info, I get criticized on THAT score. Whatever.

Bottom line: people in the neighborhood want more information about homicides than we obtain from media sources such as the Star Tribune. WHO KILLED WHO is pretty basic to the kind of information we need and deserve about what is going on in our neighborhood.

In answer to Trudad: Your question about "why didn't the cops press charges" is a good question, indeed. When the authorities want to answer that, I guess they will. Also, good questions about who was there and who saw WHAT. Believe me, I'm still asking those questions.

Johnny Northside said...

By the way, here's an email from Nicole Sterling, as follows:
I know ur intentions were never bad or negative. Why do u think I may have taken a risk taking the photos? I randomly decided to drive down the alley of the house the murder took place at n Mike just by luck (Everything happens 4 a reason) happened ta b out back in the alley choppin ice so I quick grabbed my camera, zoomed in n drove slowly. I just got a new car so he didn't recognize or realize it was me until it was 2 late and I already took the pics.
Accordingly, I am changing the photo credit to make it clear Nicole Sterling took the pictures, a matter which was not 100 percent clear before.

Gary said...

Thanks for this kind of info John. This is better reporting than we get from the Strib or Pioneer Porn.

Anonymous said...

I think this kind of information is useful for the same reason knowing the exact addresses of L3SOs is useful: Now I know who this fellow is, if there is any reason for me to have a disagreement with him, I will keep a healthy distance.

This guy may be a victim in a general sense, but it sounds to me like he has a violent side, just as it appears Drew had a violent side.

All of the talk about concern regarding not publishing details, whether they be about L3SOs or attacks concerns me. It reminds me of a friend I had years ago who was from an abusive family. After many years of counseling, she realized that lying and covering up the abusive behavior of family members was aiding and abetting the abuse.

Similarly, as a community, if we take the attitude "I refuse to talk about this - and how dare YOU talk about this," we are aiding and abetting disfunctional behavior in our community.

As much as I was exasperated by the Nichole/Misty saga, it is unfortunately instructive. Drew appears to have been a young man with a minor criminal record, but was "turning his life around." But, if the tale as to why he was in NOMI is true, he drove from the St. Cloud area to NOMI apparently for the specific purpose of whaling the tar out of someone, for reasons which will likely never be known.

In addition, he had two ladies, each thinking she was his one and only. Speaking as someone who wasted a few of my early years in a similar situation, this leads me to believe he was actively two-timing.

Given enough time, this young man may have learned to pick his friends better, to control his anger, and to be honest, honorable and responsible. Unfortunately, at the point when his life stopped, he was still troubled.

From a peak at the district court docket, it appears that Drew's attacker was also troubled.

Young people in particular sometimes need to be reminded that apparently minor actions sometimes have great consequences.

Those among us who are not so young need to stop dismissing these events and start looking at them. Perhaps there is something in all of this to be learned which will enable one of us to be a better parent, mentor or role model.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And while I am on the subject, just a reminder that a look at police calls to this address indicated that, among other things, there were several domestic dispute calls in the last year or so.

Again, while Michael Queen is a victim in the stabbing incident in a general sense, there are certainly things about his lifestyle which could be improved.

Anonymous said...

"he drove from the St. Cloud area to NOMI apparently for the specific purpose of whaling the tar out of someone" Who ever said that?

Johnny Northside said...

A comment was somehow lost. Unsure how that happened. The comment was anonymous and said:
"He drove from St. Cloud for the specific purpose of whaling the tar out of somebody--who said that?"
In reply: I don't know who said that. It was anonymous. Apparently, the poster is assuming that if the story is true about Drew attacking somebody right as he came in the door, then he drove from St. Cloud for THAT purpose.

But we just don't know. The story is not coming out.

By the way, I still need to post Michael Queen's criminal record and I intend to do that.

Anonymous said...

Hello all..just browsing the internet to get more facts about Mr. Queen. The guy is a total douchebag. I know him through a friend (a woman he used to beat) and he is just a horrible person. He has even threatened to kill me! I am glad Johnny will post these things for women, and anyone else who this jerk may endanger. He belongs in jail. Period.

Anonymous said...

ok. everyone needs to get a life and stop spreding a drug atticks lies. she brought him to my hoouse with the intention of doing some kind of dirt. otherwise why would this man come with a weapon and hyped up on the drugs nicole gave him. Drew had a violent past in the hood, usually due to him or nicoles selfishness. but drew could be a good person. however you dont break into a persons house with a weapon and beat up a disabled women for no reason,. and the funny thing is that drew told nicole "you stupid bitch. you brought me here and now you want to get in the way. stay out my way or i will kill you too." nicole is delusional drug attick who was jealouse over misty in so many ways. i posted a email to jonny northside of what happened that night.

Johnny Northside! said...

I have received the email and will publish it shortly.