Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Will The Star Tribune Get The Story Right? The So-Called "Johnny Northside Great Escape" Is Meaningless, THE PROBLEM IS THE L3SO CONCENTRATION!

To Protect And, Um, Yeah...Protect
Photo and blog post by John Hoff

So a Star Tribune reporter called me a few minutes ago--here in my "undisclosed location" where (here comes the clue!) I just finished a meal of Korean fried chicken wings--and it appears the reporter is very interested in my "great escape" from being served with legal papers in council chambers, click here.

His focus is on whether I was "helped" somehow by a public official. In fact, he was REALLY REALLY REALLY focused on that minor, highly-specific, non-starter, non-issue while in the meantime my cherished Northside neighborhood is stacked to the gills with dangerous, predatory Level Three sex offenders (L3S0s) though a state statute is supposed to protect us and--good god--we've got one piece of crap Level Three who is going around suing movers and shakers in the neighborhood for (good heavens) talking about him.

Dodge Pete The Pedophile's service? Darn right I'll dodge his service. THERE IS NO LAW AGAINST DODGING LEGAL SERVICE no more than the law says you must open your front door to a Jehovah's witness. When frivolous litigants manage to waylay the forces of law and order into serving their worthless paper, dodging service is good citizenship.

Anybody--reporter or whoever--who claims they "overheard" or "eavesdropped" on a conversation in council chambers didn't hear EVERYTHING THAT WAS SAID and--speaking as a trained army psych tech--the mind has a tendency to "reconstruct" conversations based on strong factual assertions made after the event. Did the reporter hear what he thought he heard? Huh, then why is it only coming out now if it's so gosh darn important? I guess we'll see how the article turns out.

And though I love a good sideshow....

...this is not about Johnny Northside, no matter how much I might love to 1.) link to fugitive songs on Youtube, 2.) revel in the adventure of it all, 3.) keep posting clues about my location on Facebook to assist process servers.

No, the real and pressing problems are as follows...

1.) Sick puppy Peter Rickmyer is filing what looks for all the world like repeated frivolous litigation, proving that Level Three sex offenders are NOT on a short leash but frolicking among decent people, weaving their little webs, out of control. If this is what we SEE Pete doing, what DON'T we see Pete doing? The state chooses to publish information about these sickos. Are we not supposed to SHARE that information? Did the state not intend the information to be said, spoken, published, brought up at the very moment the sickos are trying to create a social network uninformed about their true nature?

My fellow citizen, I tell you this: if you see a Level Three sicko chatting somebody up--you go the h*** right over there and tell that person the critical information they need to know, IN THAT MOMENT--before the smiling sicko perv gets invited to babysit somebody's children while you stood by, afraid to be (oh my word) rude. Level Three's are professional deviant social manipulators who depend on others to maintain decent social boundaries while they lay their little plots to violate decency. IF A LEVEL THREE IS TALKING TO SOMEBODY, THAT'S A GOOD TIME TO SHARE THE INFORMATION YOU KNOW FROM THE STATE WEBSITE. That's why the state puts it on the website, for cripe's sake! 

2.) Level Three sex offenders have been concentrated in my neighborhood, despite a statute which is supposed to protect us.

3.) At least one state--the great State of Texas--publishes the specific address of dangerous sex offenders, not just block numbers. This protects citizens of Texas and, no, mobs do not form with pitches and torches. Residents of Minnesota deserve the same protection. There is no law against publishing these addresses even if the state chooses to only publish block numbers, so I intend to keep publishing the addresses and soliciting information through this blog and pushing for citizens to have the right to know where, specifically, the bad bad bad men live so they can warn their children.

Will the Star Tribune manage to get the "real issues" in this upcoming story? Or will this venerable paper give in to the view of the "alienated, social malcontent media" represented by the Mpls Mirror?

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

For real? The Northside has this grossly disproportionate (and inappropriate) concentration of Level III sex offenders, and the Strib is concerned about your act of dodging service of papers? If this is what the Strib picks up on, I think that says a lot for how in touch they are with what the real problems are in this city. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Of all of the discussion that has gone on about the sex offender issue, the only information I have found that is worth paying attention to is the numbers. Of those not living homeless or in shelters (in other words in actual neighborhoods), there are 48 living in impacted neighborhoods (where our most vulnerable populations are) and only 11 living in nonimpacted neighborhoods. 19 are living in one zip code - 55411. 7 zip codes in Minneapolis do not have any sex offenders. The numbers speak for themselves and are jarring. But the Strib apparently wants to pay attention to frivolous drama.

la_vie_en_rose said...

How long before they give up and just post a legal notice in the paper?

M. Clinton said...

It appears that there is more than just Johnny Northside paying attention to the sex offender issue. I just read the minutes of a January CANDO meeting and found that residents in Central (a Southside impacted neighborhood) have become vocal about questioning why Level III sex offenders are living near Green Central School. This issue is bigger than John. Quit paying attention to John (I know its difficult) and pay attention to the issue at hand for crying out loud!

The Walking Drum said...

Maybe we should take this overwhelming evidence and bang on the doors of the l3so placement board and ask them why they are not doing more to scatter these l3sos into lower impact neighborhoods (i.e. near communities with few children and not near schools). If we can bring drug dealers to their knees and get the attention of the city of Minneapolis, why not take on these guys. It might help remove the stigma of North Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

2000 years ago castration was the way to go.

Anonymous said...







Johnny Northside said...


kanoyes said...

Right on John! I hope the Strib focuses on the real issues here. This fugitive entertainment does serve its purposes and I trust John to be always redirecting that spotlight to the issue: uncastrated chomos running amok.

Johnny Northside said...

Thanks, Karl. For a number of reasons I have decided to use the word "chimos" instead of urban dictionary's word "chomos." There was a discussion about it on another thread.

Chomos sounds too much like "homos." Therefore, we are going with "chimos."

Anonymous said...

JNS Said:

At least one state--the great State of Texas--publishes the specific address of dangerous sex offenders, not just block numbers.

Dennis Replies:

As does Forida.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. Watching so many people get all worked up over Johnny's Great Escape makes it even BETTER! Especially when that Terry lady called him a bitch! She musta really been stinging about missing the moment when you get served. And the fact that the sherrif's deputies left and didn't stick around until the end, they musta not thought much importance of it. They left a 'detective' there to do the service, some detective! Good thing he doesn't have more IMPORTANT cases to work on other than serving frivolous gibberish from a L3SO.

It sort of proves what Johnny has been claiming - that he is influential and his blog has an wide impact.

I mean c'mon if there are people sitting around and using the time and energy it takes to make that youtube video of the Great Escape when they really coulda been doing something more useful for the neighborhoods they claim to care about instead they have identified Johnny Northside as important enough to put at the top of their list and target for take down.

Right on Johnny and Megan! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I am forced to see this unicellular, gram-positive, soil-dwelling stain regularly. It's most unpleasant.

Johnny Northside said...

You mean Pete the Pedophile? Do tell. Tell more.

Johnny Northside said...

Dennis, thanks for the info and you are, of course, correct. Here's the Florida website. Looks like hours of fun.


Now, who can tell me how many states list the specific addresses and what the states are?

(Johnny Northside location clue for PROCESS SERVERS: I'm eating chipotle chicken wings and this place has wireless)

M. Clinton said...

My first reaction was to be upset with Terry for concocting such b.s. journalism and belittling folks I knew to have greatly vested themselves in the issues that matter to them. However, with a little perspective, what others have said here is right - the fact that this would even be a big deal that the media would be interested in is a testament to the fact that John is now viewed as somewhat of a public figure if not semi celebrity. And that video was pretty freakin funny. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Do people really need the specific addresses of sex offenders to know that NoMi is full of chomos?

Johnny Northside said...

Informing people that North Minneapolis is full of chimos is not really the point, now is it? It's about being specific over the threat they represent.

There is a world of difference between saying "be careful, generally, of strangers here on the 2000 block of Glenwood" versus "A bad man lives at THAT HOUSE. Don't even walk in front of that house."

la_vie_en_rose said...

Where I'm originally from, Indiana, posts the employer's address and the exact home address of sex and violent crime offenders.

Heh, Indy proper has quite a lot of offenders, and its "hood" has way more than twenty. Not sure how many are chimos, rapists/assaulters of adults, or just plain violent in those numbers though.

That's it, you gone and done it! said...


I must say, I am glad that you are posting about the Chomos....any sex offender that is. If our neighborhoods were stronger, and more put together, we should put up posters of these sex offenders on the light poles and telephone poles. I WOULD. I have kids that I have to think about, and my neighbors have kids.

Some of these neighbors do not have computer access, they don't get notified they wouldn't know if there was a sex offender next door unless it is by word-of-mouth.

I think that "Pete the Pedophile" should go to the doctor and cut his dick off... and start on hormone replacement therapy.

Johnny Northside said...


Looks like they got the whole thing wrong.


Well, except they did a nice job spelling my name.

Sigh. Looks like it's time for a point-by-point rebuttal, baby.

M. Clinton said...

The most glaring omission from this article is that they fail to mention WHY you were being served. That a sex offender is suing over his reputation. I think readers would have found that very interesting. I wonder why it was omitted?

la_vie_en_rose said...

Well, obviously Strib doesn't have any interesting story to tell if they mention he was fleeing from a sex offender's lawsuit. Unless he was also molested in the process, of course.