Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water Issues Resolved!

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

The water shut-off has been fixed at 2501 4th St N. To my further delight, I checked about the sign, and Cichy's was doing the work and had permission to place their sign at that spot. PLUS, they took it when they were done. After all, this isn't some cheap, corrugated plastic piece of junk that could be considered an acceptable loss if a law-abiding citizen came along to clean it up.

And speaking of cleaning up, I took a big grocery bag from So Low (I do love that store!) to pick up as much litter as I could. With that accomplished, I disposed of the bag and washed my hands in the water that was still pouring out into the street at the time. I figured that at least a small portion of the water wouldn't go to waste that way.

My favorite piece of litter was a child's reading lesson titled, "Vicky skips a stone." Based on the surprising number of teeny-tiny ziplock baggies, I'm guessing that skipping anything related to stones is not an activity frequently done on this particular block.

(Do not click "read more," but do keep an eye on the 300 block of 25th Ave N.)

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