Tuesday, March 9, 2010

North High School Needs Help with Yearbooks!

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman, photo from the North High homepage, images contributed by Sarita Turner.

An email came my way today asking for help on Johnny Northside. Our North High students are facing yet another barrier to things most high schoolers take for granted. There may not be enough money for their yearbooks, and JNS was asked to help spread the word on how the community can come together for our kids.

The message sent to me has the details...

This year, in order to get the Class of 2010 yearbooks, they need to pay the ENTIRE BILL before North's yearbooks are shipped. If they can't raise the money, they will need to drastically reduce the book or not have one at all. I can remember how important my yearbook was to me.

Please consider helping our North High youth by donating $5 or more to pay the balance on the Yearbooks. I am attaching more information to answer any questions you might have. The total cost for this year's book is $4,050.80.

They have $1,995.59 from sales. The amount they are trying to raise is $2,085.01 by April 23rd. If you choose to donate, your name will be placed on the Page of Yearbook Supporters in the Yearbook, they must pay the balance in full before they will ship the books. Let's make sure they have a book. Five dollars isn't a lot to ask in support of our kids.

You will see, on the second page of the form, that donations should be sent to Kari Lohse, Yearbook, 1500 James Avenue North, Mpls, MN 55411, Checks should be made out to North High. If you have more questions you can call her at 612.668.1708. Also to print the form and track the progress towards raising the money for the yearbooks you can go to North's website. And you can click here for the donation form itself.

(end email, begin Hawkman commentary)

And yes, I'm sending in my donation. I won't ask the community as a whole to contribute financially unless I'm willing to do the same. It's refreshing to know that kids these days still have high school yearbooks. I would've thought that by now they'd just do a fist bump with their iPhones and some app would allow them to stay in touch via facebook for the rest of their lives (or longer).

I still think fondly of my high school yearbook as well. Whenever I go back and read it, I'm lucky if I understand HALF of the nonsensical inside jokes my friends and I had amongst ourselves. So if I can't make heads or tails of MYSELF as a kid, then being hopelessly out of touch with our youth TODAY doesn't seem so bad. (sarcasm font)

Now MIDDLE SCHOOL yearbooks, THOSE should definitely be burned. If anyone ever wants to truly blackmail me, all they have to do is track down the photo of me wearing glasses with coke-bottle lenses, a horrid spike haircut, braces, an astonishingly ugly sweater, and a Members Only jacket. (Who's dorky enough to wear a sweater AND a Members Only jacket for their SCHOOL PICTURE? Me, that's who.)

But these are high school yearbooks for kids in our community. Let's help 'em out.

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