Monday, March 1, 2010

Paul Koenig to be Barred on Seven Properties!

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman. Image from an online gambling site that I'm hesitant to provide a live link to.

I have information from a reliable source that Paul Koenig will lose his rental licenses on seven properties in the city of Minneapolis. This is very significant because if a person loses two rental licenses in the span of one year, they lose all rental licenses in the city of Minneapolis for a period of five years. If I'm not mistaken, that restriction applies to all LLC's that Koenig is or may be a principal of. It would be nice if there were harsher penalties for SEVEN properties instead of just two. Just sayin'. I must point out that this information has not been independently confirmed, but I do consider it reliable enough to publish.

Also, last week I was able to speak with a representative from Management Resolutions, the company appointed to manage Pamiko properties after Paul Koenig's second 80-property foreclosure cluster bomb was dropped on NoMi.

Pictured above is 2013 Hillside Ave N, one of the nicer-looking Pamiko properties. I used this photo because the house looks pretty good, it's being managed by Management Resolutions, and my dialogue with the receiver was fairly positive. Chris Deuth, who works for the company, said he actually WANTS people to contact him at... if there are any problems with properties they are managing. It appears that they have addressed the sewer pipe afflicting Rosie Lee and her children, so that's a big step. I also explained that many residents in the community made the mistake of contacting Paul Koenig about concerns with his properties, but NOT calling 311 or otherwise filing reports. Then, when things finally reached a boiling point, they started calling the city. The problem with that approach was that the issues with Pamiko Properties had been ongoing for quite some time, but the city wasn't officially aware of it until things had already gone from bad to worse.

"So we want to work with you, but you're on a tight leash," I said. Deuth understands that because this kind of work is exactly what Management Resolutions does. JNS readers, you are encouraged to email Mr. Deuth with any concerns regarding the properties managed by Management Resolutions. When you do that, please email me as well, at And if problems are not resolved quickly or if there are serious issues, don't hesitate to include 311 in the conversation.

Click here for a pdf of the receiver documents, which include a list of Pamiko properties now being managed by Management Resolutions. You can also click here for the full JNS pdf support documents about Paul Koenig's legal woes, which include accusations of fraud surrounding Dream Homes and a personal bankruptcy.

In case anyone wants to know which properties are being managed by this firm, a full list is below. Adding hyperlinks is cumbersome, so if anyone wants to know the most recently available information about these properties, open up the unabridged Pamiko list in a separate window. The hyperlinks on that post should take you to the property info as it stands today.

After these properties, I will also list the seven properties where Koenig is expected to lose his rental licenses. I will provide live links to those properties so that readers can check to see if and when this information becomes available on the city website. First, the receiver properties:

817 Penn Ave N
1812 16th Ave S
4652 Aldrich Ave N
2943 Morgan Ave N
3015 Oliver Ave N
3101 Dupont Ave N
2701 Aldrich Ave N
1417 Logan Ave N
2918 Colfax Ave N
2727 Girard Ave N
1622 Girard Ave N
1608 Hillside Ave N
3242 6th Ave N (sic), the address on the receiver document is listed this way, but is most likely 3242 6th STREET N, a known Pamiko property.
1100 24th Ave N
1229 Oliver Ave N
907 Penn Ave N
3223 Fremont Ave N
2211 6th St N
3531 Emerson Ave N
2013 Hillside Ave N
2420 Bryant Ave N
3025 Clinton Ave
2708 Bryant Ave N
2435 Portland Ave S
1507 Newton Ave N
2905 Colfax Ave N
1611 Hillside Ave N
2710 Girard Ave N
726 Morgan Ave N
1318 18th Ave N
3119 Queen Ave N
1414 16th Ave N
1016 Newton Ave N
1605 Girard Ave N
24 4th St E, St. Paul

And here are the seven properties where Koenig is expected to lose or perhaps already has lost his rental licenses:

2119 4th St N, which has $4,156.26 plus prior year(s) of delinquent property taxes.
2736 16th Ave S, which has $3,680.44 plus prior year(s) of delinquent property taxes.
1317 Emerson Ave N, which has $8,961.90 plus prior year(s) of delinquent property taxes.
2827 Emerson Ave N, which has $4,353 of delinquent property taxes.
2316 Fremont Ave N, which has $3,631.02 plus prior year(s) of delinquent property taxes.
2400 Lyndale Ave N, which has $2,314 of delinquent property taxes.
2314 Sheridan Ave N, which has $1,096 of delinquent property taxes.

This blog will continue to monitor Koenig's rental license eligibility, and asks that readers provide information on the topic as well.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope that they have some strict guidelines concerning the conduct of problem tenants. This is all we need is another absentee landlord to replace Koening.

Kevin said...

I remember having a conversation with PK last summer about property taxes - I don't remember exactly what we were discussing - but I do remember him saying all taxes had been paid on HIS properties. He thought MAYBE a couple had been paid a few days late, so they wouldn't show up on the Hennepin tax record site. I still feel sooooooooo stupid I believed anything he told me.

Anonymous said...

Ha- the ironic thing about this post - about the picture - is that nice, brick house on Hillside actually used to belong to one of the "old Majority" JACC members - Brian K. Smith - he was wise enough to get out before the **** hit the fan and his name wasn't on any of the lawsuits - but he was just as much a part of the misguided leadership that led JACC to that horrible, bankrupt state that it was when the New Majority had to so forcefully fight to get the organization out of the grips of these folks.

Johnny Northside said...

Jeff, thank you for doing the kind of nitty-gritty work which has taken this blog to 554 hits a day. Please keep it up.

JNS Reader said...

Yeah, a very useful post. Nice work, Hawk.

Pond-dragon said...

To Anon @ Mar 1, 2010
Word is, Mr. Smith was not the owner of the brick house: But your other facts are relatively correct. He did walk from a property on Hillside (so to speak while Vice Chair of the old majority). It has since been purchased by a young couple who went through NHS on a purchase rehab. Evidently the house had been vandalized and the copper stripped after Mr. Smith walked.

Anonymous said...

I just want to add that if you are a neighbor to a slumlord property, talk to the renters if there is a problem, and help them with resources to report the landlord. We had a slumblord in NE Mpls-pipes were leaking on the main floor, mold, broken water heater-and the landlord told the renters that because they were on a Section 8-he didn't have to do anything. We helped them report the landlord to 311. They eventually had to move because the house was a disaster, but the landlord lost his license, and the house. And they found a better living situation, and now knew how to help themselves. Renters don't always know their rights, but they want to be proactive. Be involved. You're helping them and your own neighborhood.